'Below Deck': Jenna reveals a guest is doing drugs on board, Captain Glenn wonders if he could go to jail

A guest onboard is suspected of using drugs on the yatch and this has the Captain and his crew worried

                            'Below Deck': Jenna reveals a guest is doing drugs on board, Captain Glenn wonders if he could go to jail
Jenna MacGillivray, Glenn Shephard (Bravo/ NBCU)

Bravo-backed 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' is drawing to a close, and from the looks of it, the makers have saved the best for last. The final group of charter guests is on board and looking to have fun. But will it be too much to take for the crew? Let's find out. 

The team is already on the edge due to internal issues involving Adam Glick and Jenna MacGillivray's relationship and Chris Miller's injury. There is only so much they can take. As the guests were being served dinner, Billy, one of the guests, appeared a bit out of sorts. His friends asked if he had any "shady business" going on, to which he responded with an eye roll. Jenna was around when the guests were having the said discussion and had an idea of what was going on but didn't have anything concrete information about the same. 

Later, Chris informed Jenna that he spotted a "white powder" on Billy's nose. The next morning, when Jenna went to Captain Glenn Shephard with the issue, he asked if she was certain it was what they were assuming it to be — coke — and not makeup? Jenna gave a dodgy answer, said based on his behavior it seemed as though Billy was doing drugs and she also pointed out that he was able to sit through a seven-course meal and eat it all.

"If there are illegal substances on board it's very serious. I can't think of anything worse than the boat being confiscated, me losing my license or even going to jail?" a shocked Glenn shared in his green-room interview. Glenn's yachting career is at stake and so is everybody else's — Parsifal III may not return after all, if it's confiscated that is.

Since, it was Chris who spotted the powder, Glenn wanted to make sure he heard all sides of the story before conducting a search on the yacht. If Glenn decides to rummage Billy's luggage based on assumptions, it might impact his and the crew's yachting career. The guests, in all probabilities, will not be inclined to give shining reviews and it might be tough for the Parsifal III team to have people on board. It's a double-edged sword for Glenn this time. Will he make the right decision for all? Only time will tell. 

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