'Below Deck': Adam praises Lyndi while Jenna alerts the guest's boyfriend Jesse about their whereabouts

'Below Deck': Adam praises Lyndi while Jenna alerts the guest's boyfriend Jesse about their whereabouts
Lyndi Kennedy, Adam Glick, Jesse Thompkins and Jenna MacGillivray (Bravo)

Adam Glick and Jenna MacGillivray's relationship is hanging by a thread. The couple has already had to battle enough before they could be on the same page and now with the charter guests flirting with Adam, it's sort of getting out of hand. 

In today's episode of 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht,' Lyndi Kennedy, one of the guests on board, and her group of girls, openly expressed their liking for Adam. At one point, they even wanted to meet with him in the galley. However, Jenna directed their attention towards their boyfriends, who were waiting for them on the deck. 

Later that evening, as everyone sat for dinner, Lyndi began flirting with Adam to the extent where Jenna was embarrassed. It was awkward for her to see them gush over him while she served them food. However, Adam assured her that he wouldn't fall for it. 

Next week, we'll see a lot more of what happened tonight. The girls insisted on visiting the galley and on meeting with Adam, they shared how lovely his dishes were and that they love him and everyone else in the crew except for the people they came to the yacht with.


Adam continued the conversation with a compliment, he said: "You eat generally healthy, which is really important, I can tell." While the chef kept his admirers busy, Jenna left the galley to look for the boyfriends and on bumping into Jesse Thompkins (Lyndi's boyfriend), she directed his attention to the spot where the girls were gathered.

Soon after he entered, the girls and the rest of the gang left for the night leaving Adam and Jenna feeling awkward about the situation they were in minutes ago. 


"That was fun," Jenna said, to which Adam replied: "That was the most awkward thing ever." Will this lead to another fight between the couple? Too soon to tell but if there were any, it wouldn't be a surprise because they have been walking on eggshells lately, especially Adam.

Very recently, Adam reacted fiercely to a joke Jenna and Georgia Grobler were making about a common boyfriend. He said he was disgusted and sick to the stomach and even had an argument.


He had stretched the matter to a point where Jenna had to force Georgia to lie about the whole situation, have her tell him that Jenna and her ex never slept together, it was a casual relationship. 

Let's hope Adam and Jenna are able to handle this glitch in a more polished, mature manner. 

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