'Below Deck': Is Jessica's yachting career over? Fans ask after she was found drinking and smoking on the job

'Below Deck': Is Jessica's yachting career over? Fans ask after she was found drinking and smoking on the job
Jessica More (Bravo)

Jessica 'Jess' More and Robert 'Rob' Westergaard's relationship has been the highlight of Bravo's 'Below Deck Mediterranean' for a while now and from the looks of it the storyline will drag on to the season finale. 

Jess has not been too fond of the way Rob has been interacting with Aesha Scott for a while now. They are both friendly and Jess is not okay with it and expects their relationship to have some boundaries. She even had an open chat about the same with Aesha. During their conversation, Jess indirectly asked Aesha to back off because she doesn't appreciate the way Aesha and Rob mingle. 

The tension was started by a tiny incident, which was not big deal for Rob and Aesha. But Jess said she would break Aesha's face if she tried touching Rob's butt again. Rob was startled but had work to do and so his focus couldn't be shaken. As soon as he was back from showing the guests around the town, he took a quick break while Jess was smoking and later, drinking too as she made cocktails for guests. 

Fans are surprised and asked if Jess' yachting career was over because she had been drinking and smoking on the job. Malia White once called Rob and Jess out for hanging out in their regular clothes with guests seated at a stone's throw distance. If they can be warned for something this simple, then there are chances that indulging in nicotine and alcohol while working shifts could be a problem. 

"BTW.. according to Malia’s nautical legal “knowledge “... they have a zero tolerance policy with staff drinking... so guess Jess’s career is done - just like Hannah’s ..right? Camera caught Jess chugging at least two shot on duty... tsk tsk! #BelowDeckMed," a fan commented, while another shared: "Jess is a mess drinking on the job she’s supposed to be clearing the table instead she’s taking a damn smoke break and arguing with Rob how did she last this long?#BelowDeckMed."



"Was that Jess drinking on the job? Let’s dust up our maritime law books #BelowDeckMed," a user expressed. "Shouldn’t Jess get fired for drinking on the job! #BelowDeckMed," another pointed out. 



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