'Below Deck': Did Kiko fail at his job because of Sandy? Fans say she's toxic and needs to back off

Fans say Sandy's love for micromanagement is the reason why Kiko is so nervous

                            'Below Deck': Did Kiko fail at his job because of Sandy? Fans say she's toxic and needs to back off
Hindrigo 'Kiko' Lorran, Sandy Yawn (Bravo)

Chef Hindrigo 'Kiko' Lorran is in hot waters this week on 'Below Deck Mediterranean'. He is great at what he does but the unending demands coming in from the charter guests got to him and he messed it up a bit. He could have brought himself out of the soup had Captain Sandy Yawn not been on his case while he was putting the meals together. 

Constant overseeing never helps, but Sandy is yet to get a grip on that, fans say. Fans don't seem to like the "toxic superior" that she was being to Kiko, who was trying his best to serve the guests. "Kiko is ONE person and all I've seen is beautiful food. AND, by far, he's the easiest going chef I've seen on this show. Sandy needs to back off! #BelowDeckMed," a fan commented. Another wrote: "Capt Sandy needs to hop off of Kiko. That’s nerve-wracking when your boss is over your shoulder like that. #BelowDeckMed." 

"Captain Sandy is such an amazing example of a toxic superior. Micro manages the s**t out of you no wonder Kiko is so nervous #BelowDeckMed," a user tweeted. "Captain Sandy is causing the crew unnecessary stress by hovering over them constantly! Kiko has done an amazing job on every charter so far so there's no reason for Captain Sandy to watch him like that! She is making Kiko second guess himself!#BelowDeckMed," another expressed.

As the captain of the ship, it is Sandy's job to ensure that her crew is functioning smoothly and the guests are happy. But that shouldn't warrant for micro-managing. Interestingly, this wasn't the first time she was being accused of doing so and in all honesty, the team members shouldn't be surprised by Sandy's need to check up on them every other minute. 

At the beginning of the season, she sat her crew down and specifically told them she would be keeping an eye on them. In that week, as she hovered around the dinner table, the guests told her the steak was dry and she was quick to relay that to Kiko, who was nervous and worked extra hard to impress everyone. This time too, it seemed as though he was out-of-sorts from being watched too much and told what to do, frequently. Sandy even told Kiko she won't hesitate to look for another chef. That's a good enough trigger for anyone who is trying to manage a million things in a limited amount of time. 

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