'Below Deck': Will Pete Hunziker really be fired or edited out for racist remarks? Viewers say its 'all a lie'

'He's the main focus on #BelowDeckMed. No editing out,' a fan of the show commented on social media. And many seem to agree

                            'Below Deck': Will Pete Hunziker really be fired or edited out for racist remarks? Viewers say its 'all a lie'
Pete Hunziker (Bravo)

Pete Hunziker continues to be a part of 'Below Deck Mediterranean' despite Bravo announcing that he will be edited out. However, the number of scenes and dialogues have reduced significantly since the news of the network firing him over racist comments came out. Interestingly, fans have a different theory. Some of them have been predicting that it's all just a lie and that Pete will never be edited out or fired from the show because he is the main focus of it. 

"Bravo announced Pete was fired and would be edited out. That was said to placate viewers. He's the main focus on #BelowDeckMed. No editing out. Andy's fake way of showing it wasn't just #PumpRules," a fan commented while another responded: "Wow so it was all a lie just like we've been saying from the beginning... unfortunately they always prove us right. It’s 2020 and this network gets away with a crazy amount of hatred towards women. It's sick and obviously comes from a misogynist in charge."

"Bored enough to watch #belowdeckmed and I’m so annoyed with how #bravotv is handling the Pete situation. He is a nothing character and they made a huge point to tell us all he’s fired and he will be edited out of this show. In fact, he's like a huge part of the show," a user tweeted. 

Bravo fired Pete from a cushy gig on 'Below Deck Mediterranean' over a racist remark from the past. What made it worse was Pete's behavior towards women on the yacht. Malia White and Christine "Bugsy" Drake complained to Captain Sandy Yawn about his inappropriate comments and how they've made them uncomfortable. 

After Bugsy said she felt threatened to be around Pete, Sandy warned him and told him she was considering letting him go. Ever since that episode, Pete has been quiet and speaks only when spoken to. He specifically told teammate Alex Radcliffe that people will now get to see the "professional Pete". What's interesting is that even after being edited out of the show, he has still been a part of major discussions among viewers, which goes on to say that he is indeed an important part of 'Below Deck Mediterranean.'

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