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'Below Deck': 'Creepy' Pete flirts with Bugsy despite her showing no interest and fans are freaking out

'The way that Pete is looking at Bugsy while simultaneously obsessing over Lana is freaking me out,' a fan commented
Pete Hunziker and Christine 'Bugsy' Drake (Bravo)
Pete Hunziker and Christine 'Bugsy' Drake (Bravo)

Pete Hunziker is turning out to be quite the villain in 'Below Deck Mediterranean'. His interactions with the girls, in particular, are not sitting well with viewers. They are disgusted that he even has the audacity to behave inappropriately with his colleagues and there's no one reporting him. 

When Lana Flumiani left, Pete was heartbroken, shattered and crying for a girl whose name he cannot pronounce and had known for less than a day. But that's classic Pete probably. They exchanged numbers and are now sexting each other. Nature of conversation aside, one may give Pete the benefit of the doubt — he must really like her. 

But that impression quickly changed when he began flirting with Christine "Bugsy" Drake. From Bugsy's responses it was clear she didn't want to add to the conversation but Pete wouldn't take the hint. He continued with his banter, leaving fans in disarray. Most of them were grossed out by the way Pete was approaching Bugsy despite her giving him enough and more hints that she wasn't interested in him. He took her goodness to be a way of her flirting with a guy. 

"Watching Pete be creepy AF towards Bugsy has me feeling legitimately ill. This guy has the biggest ego and doesn't deserve to think so highly of himself. #BelowDeckMed," a fan commented while another shared: "The way that Pete is looking at Bugsy while simultaneously obsessing over Lana is freaking me out #BelowDeckMed."

"Pete is so creepy and weird. Is he for real? I feel the same as Bugsy looks as he explains himself," a viewer expressed. "why doesn’t Pete realize that Bugsy absolutely detests him? making a girl uncomfortable is not having game #BelowDeckMed," another posted.  Pete's behavior with Bugsy is not surprising, he's this way with most women, even his boss Malia White, who called him out for not following orders and addressing her as "sweetheart."

Clearly, he needs to be reminded that women cannot be treated lightly or with disrespect and that working in a team warrants some sort of seriousness. Catch all the new episodes of 'Below Deck Mediterranean' on Bravo every Monday.