‘Below Deck’ fans call Kate Chastain a 'hypocrite' for accusing Simone and being too harsh on her

'Below Deck' fans weren't happy with chief steward Kate Chastain's harsh behavior towards her 2nd steward, Simone Mashile, on the latest episode.

                            ‘Below Deck’ fans call Kate Chastain a 'hypocrite' for accusing Simone and being too harsh on her
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Below Deck's chief steward Kate Chastain has got her claws out and fans aren’t happy about it. Fan-favorite reality star Kate was at the receiving end of fans' wrath when on the latest episode of ‘Below Deck’ she was shown exchanging some unpleasant words with her 2nd steward, Simone Mashile.
Simone came on the charter clearly stating her interest in learning more about service but with expertise in the laundry department. So she was immediately assigned to the laundry department while her fellow stew Courtney Skippon was assigned to service because she expressed her lack of interest in doing laundry. Things seemed to be going smoothly until Simone started feeling like she was being taken advantage of by making her just stay in laundry and not let her work on her service skills. Later, Kate shifted Simone to service, and unfortunately, Simone was struggling with performing tasks assigned to her.
Kate wasn’t too happy with Simone’s performance and relegated her back to laundry. Later when Simone saw a guest in the kitchen carrying dessert trays, she felt slighted and upset with Kate for not letting her do the service but allowing a guest to do it. So she expressed the same to her fellow crew member Rhylee Gerber. Later, Rhylee related the same information to Kate, and Kate tells Rhylee that she wasn’t entirely happy with Simone’s performance.



Simone and Kate later have a chat where Simone asks Kate what’s the issue, and Kate goes all out on Simone and snaps at her for bringing a bad reputation to their department by discussing their issues with other crew members instead of bringing it to her attention. She then directly tells Simone that she isn’t good enough to be a  2nd steward.
When fans saw this heated exchange between the ladies, they felt that Kate was too harsh on Simone. A fan tweeted, “Kate is so mean on #BelowDeck I love you but it’s her job to train her girls they are a reflection of Kate so if one fails it’s on account of her...and to say Simone shouldn’t talk to the crew about issues when Kate has badmouthed her...idk not liking this side of Kate 😔”. Several fans called out the chief stew for indulging in the same act (talking to Rhylee about the department) she accused Simone of. A fan commented, “Kate talking about Simone talking to the crew when two seconds ago she was telling the crew how Simone isn’t good at her job? Hypocrite much? #BelowDeck”. “#BelowDeck so Kate discussing Simone’s lack of skills wasn’t the same thing?”, wondered a fan.
Another fan shared, “#BelowDeck I feel sorry for Simone . The Kate spoke was terrible.. I feel sick to my stomach. Somebody is a terrible person and it ain’t Simone. @capthlr  Furthermore Kate just discussed Simone. Horrible ppl! #allofthem”. “I like Kate but she is wrong right now towards Simone. Somethingbis is up with her. I think her frustration with the chef she taking it out on her second stew #BelowDeck”, wrote a fan.

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