'Below Deck': Francesca Rubi says Rachel's R-rated jokes don't suit her refined taste, fans call her 'boring'

Chef Rachel used expletives to explain her dishes for the guests and viewers have been enjoying her humor

                            'Below Deck': Francesca Rubi says Rachel's R-rated jokes don't suit her refined taste, fans call her 'boring'
Francesca Rubi, Rachel Hargrove (Bravo)

Chef Rachel Hargrove and chief stewardess Francesca Rubi are not the best of friends. They have a working relationship, which may not be as breezy as it seems at the moment. They have had communication issues in the past and now Francesca feels her taste is too refined and hinted that Rachel's 'R Rated' jokes are way over the decency mark. 

In this week's episode, the two sat down drawing up the menu for their next charter when Rachel used expletives to express her excitement about the dishes she's going to put together for the guests. Francesca got increasingly uncomfortable with Rachel's enthusiasm. Even though she didn't bring it up with Rachel directly, in her confessional, Francesca admitted that the chef's jokes were too R rated for her taste.

Meanwhile, fans were appreciative of Rachel's sense of humor and trolled the chief stew for being such a buzz kill. Some even pointed out that her zest for food is unparalleled. 

"Caymus will f* that in the mouth! Sorry but @HargroveRachel’s way of passionately describing food and wine pairings is honestly amazing #BelowDeck," a fan commented, while another shared: "Shut up, Francesca. Rachel’s sense of humor is perfect. Having a refined sense of humor means you’re boring #BelowDeck."

"Rachel’s got a dirty mouth and Francesca thinking she’s more refined, is why I like Rachel more #BelowDeck," a user expressed, while another shared: "@HargroveRachel is a cool chef. Love her sense of humor. I too like r rated jokes. Keep them coming. #BelowDeck."  









Let's hope this doesn't get in the way of them communicating smoothly. But there are chances of them getting on each other's nerves because of one, the high-stress movement and second, the team chemistry is way off. It's a new crew and everyone is still finding ways to develop working relationships that will help them interact with each other better. However, Rachel and Francesca have been in varied professional settings, therefore, it should not be tough for them to achieve a smooth work bond despite the differences.

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