'Below Deck': Caption Lee sits down with the crew and warns them to mend their behavior

'Below Deck': Caption Lee sits down with the crew and warns them to mend their behavior
Captain Lee (Bravo)

The crew has been having a tough time getting along and their differences and bickerings have often created problems for the charter. In today's episode, Captain Lee decided that it was time he took a stand and informed everyone that people leaving the charter and bad behavior will be taken seriously. 

Captain Lee decided to make this announcement looking at how things have changed over the past couple of years. Ever since he started his charter, he has seen people come and go, people having personality issues and many more. Looking at how quickly things change, Captain Lee does not want any petty differences to ruin the business, especially when they are three stops away from the tourist season. 

Looking at how the behavior among the crew was taking a turn for the worse, Captain Lee decided to sit down with them and give them a warning. He gathered the crew members and told them how it was important for them to take responsibility for their actions. He further recalled some of the instances that had taken place in the charter and how he did not want a repeat of those incidents. One of the problems that Captain Lee had to face every day was the differences within the team. 


Ashton Pienaar and Rhylee Gerber have been having problems for a long time and their differences were slowly taking over the team. Captain Lee was not happy to receive complaints but also, did not appreciate how Ashton was handling the situation. 

Another thing that often created problems was how the boys would gang up against Rhylee and Kate Chastain. A divide between the boys and the girls had cropped up and it was slowly affecting the entire crew and their performance. 

Captain Lee did not want to compromise on the performance of the charter and wanted the crew to watch their actions. 

'Below Deck' airs on Mondays at 9 pm ET on Bravo. 


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