'Below Deck': Kate storms off the boat and threatens to quit after things get worse with Ashton

'Below Deck': Kate storms off the boat and threatens to quit after things get worse with Ashton
Kate storms out of the boat after a fight with Ashton (Bravo)

Ashton and Kate haven't been seeing eye to eye since the season started and things do not seem to be getting better between the two. In today's episode of the show, Kate and Ashton tried to maintain their distance from each other until the team headed out for a night out. 

After drinking their night away Ashton got pretty drunk and ended up kissing Kate. That is when things became worse for the pair. Kate was not happy that Ashton kissed her since she never allowed it. She felt uncomfortable and decided to go and sit aside while Ashton got his act together. 

Ashton went on to make sexual comments which left Kate confused and thinking about how she should handle the situation. She later warned Ashton that she was not happy with how he behaved and needed to get his act together. However, Ashton was too drunk to answer anything. He then went on to roast Tanner about his mother and Kate felt that it was immature. 

To make matters worse, Kate commented on Ashton's mother which got him angry. Ashton ended up punching the car's window and the guys had to hold him to make sure that he didn't hurt Kate in any manner. However, things took a rough turn when all of them returned on the boat. 


Ashton called Kate out for commenting on his mother and slammed her behavior for doing so. The two exchanged some harsh words which ended up in Kate walking out of the room. She knew that she could not be in the same place as Ashton as she revealed that he is always belittling her for how she decides to manage her team. 

She told the rest of the crew members that she has had enough and that she would be leaving her job. She collected her wallet and passport and stormed out of the boat revealing that she will not be coming back. The episode ended leaving fans curious as to what is in store for the team but only the next episode can answer this question. 

'Below Deck' airs on Mondays at 9 pm on Bravo.


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