Nikki was raped multiple times and Brie was stalked, but that didn't stop Bella twins from becoming WWE Divas

Nikki was raped multiple times and Brie was stalked, but that didn't stop Bella twins from becoming WWE Divas
Brie Bella and Nikki Bella (Getty Images)

Although the former 'Divas Champions' Nikki and Brie Bella are undeniably two of the strongest and powerful women WWE has ever witnessed, the Bella twins endured a lot of pain before rising to fame. The pregnant sisters in their new memoir ‘Incomparable’ have opened about their childhood which was embroiled in sexual abuse, racism, a troubled relationship with an addict father and much more. 

Today, the twins are the known faces of E! shows ‘Total Bellas’ and ‘Total Divas’, but life hasn’t always treated the Arizona girls smoothly and their journey to stardom wasn’t glamourous at all. Growing up, they were subjected to racism and made fun of their Latin roots. Not only were they name-called, but also asked to "Go back to Mexico". 

Although Nikki who was born 16 minutes before Brie dared any man to “f*ck with me without getting a fist to the face," she was raped at the age of 15 in a hotel room by a guy who she thought was a friend. She was once again raped during modeling competition.

Having to deal with their father who was a drug addict, the sisters' channeled their emotions into wrestling and using the strength to fight for themselves. 

Brie expresses in the memoir, “We can almost go unconscious in moments of rage and not even remember what we said. It is probably ironic that we fight for a living. But part of the process has been transmuting the pain of our childhood into something productive”.

However, before they could take control of their lives, Bella twins had to face a lot of discrimination and harassment during their school years. While Nikki’s “first bad sexual” involved one of her classmates lifting her skirt up to expose her swollen bottom from an ingrown hair, and a picture of it going viral in school, Brie was stalked by a man in a truck, who stroked himself while driving past her slowly.

However, Nikie ad Brie managed to find a place for themselves and get their lives back on track when they decided to go to school at Grossmont Community College in San Diego and later took up jobs at Hooters.

In the memoir, they describe their experience of working with their newfound family and being a part of  “Hooters gang that all came from broken homes and pretty unhappy childhoods, we were enjoying our liberation and excited for the next chapter”.

“All the military guys from Camp Pendleton came hungry and often. And they were amazing tippers: God bless the military,” they added. 

The Bella twins were first signed to developmental contracts by WWE in June 2007. They went on to win multiple titles during their course until the five-year-contract came to an end in 2012. 

The sisters later appeared in the reality show ‘Total Divas’ before they came to be known as Bella twins, a moniker invented for them by wrestling promoter Vince McMahon. 

In their memoir, the sisters also talk about de-stigmatizing vagina and encouraging women to use chemical-free products, after their own experience with a vaginal injury that occurred from using a certain kind of sanitary product.

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