Before 'Power Book II: Ghost' Episode 6 airs, here's what has been happening on the StarZ series

There are a lot of questions to be answered when Episode 6 returns, starting with, is Davis actually going to betray Tariq?

                            Before 'Power Book II: Ghost' Episode 6 airs, here's what has been happening on the StarZ series

After a hiatus of two months, 'Power Book II: Ghost' is returning with its sixth episode, 'Good Vs Evil'. The title itself is a conundrum, as the show has proved time and time again that everyone has dark shades of grey. Our lead protagonist, Tariq (Michael Rainey) is a murderer, as he killed his father at the end of the 'Power' series. His mother Tasha (Naturie Naughton) has taken the fall for it and is currently in jail, but doesn't look like it would be for too long. Attorney Davis has finally decided to work with Saxe, and against Tariq. Saxe heard Tariq rambling about murdering his father, and that provided him with enough ammunition. There are a lot of questions to be answered when Episode 6 returns, starting with, is Davis actually going to betray Tariq?

Nevertheless, before the episode airs, here's a recap of what has been happening on the StarZ show so far. In the premiere, Tariq finds the expensive lawyer Davis McClean to fight for Tasha's case, after she fires her lawyer Tamieka, who is suspicious about Tariq's role in his father's death. At first, Davis writes him off, but Tariq knows how to get his way: He works with Epiphany (the dancer from the daycare who ran Tasha’s drugs through her club) and tries to earn some of the money that is required to get a lawyer of Davis's stature. Tariq does an Instagram live, where he thanks Davis for taking the case, even though he obviously hasn't. Word spreads like wildfire and Davis realizes that he would get immense fame and publicity if he fights the case and even wins it. And so, Davis accepts.

In the middle of all this, Tariq is trying to finish up a quick degree at college. His new roommate is Zeke, who brings him home to introduce him to his family. Zeke has a huge family, and he has been living with his aunts and cousins for a while. It's not as hunky-dory as it sounds, because this is a fam is full of hardened gangsters. We are introduced to Monet (Mary J Bilge), whose husband Lorenzo is a drug dealer and is in jail. Monet has three kids: Cane, Diana and Drew. In the first episode itself, we see Cane killing a guy at a stairwell, and slipping into the car with Monet driving away. 

Tariq wants to frame Dre for the murder, instead, but Davis doesn't believe him, because of lack of evidence He tells Tasha that she's got to take names. Instead, Tasha drops the bombshell in the premiere that Ghost's close friend Tommy Egan murdered Ghost. She plays right into Cooper Saxe's hands, because this means they can hunt Tasha on the kingpin dispute. The local charges are dropped, and Saxe arrests on her federal charges. Davis is confused as to where he has ended up and demands that Tariq pays his $450,000.

Episodes 2-3

In Episode 2, Tasha isn't doing so well when she meets Davis and his investigator Paula (Sherri Saum). Davis is perplexed about his new client, when she tells him about her supposed reasons of having Ghost killed. She names 'domestic violence' as a reason. However, when Paula asks her if she helped with the drug business, Tasha waffles and admits that she did. Paula tries telling David to walk away from the case, because nothing seems right here. Davis advises Tariq to attack Ghost in his eulogy at the funeral, but Simon Stern, who was the main antagonist in Power, tells Tariq to give a glowing speech instead as that might avoid financial devastation, which might accompany the truth about Ghost being aired to the public.

At the US Attorney office, Steven Ott and John Mak know that Davis can’t prove Tasha wasn’t the kingpin behind all Ghost and Tommy's crimes  So if Saxe just lays their crimes bare, they reason, the jury will infer that she’s dirty and convict accordingly. Davis tries to explain that this is all a political move, but it's decided that Tasha is going to trial. 

Tariq gives a neutral eulogy at Ghost's funeral, saying that he was a complicated man. At the funeral, Tasha whispers into his ear that she needs a morning-after pill for her inmate, and Tariq takes Diana's help for this. Monet is sleeping with a cop, because she needs him to find out more about Tariq and his family.

In Episode 3, Davis takes Tasha for a 'mock trial'. Tasha breaks down saying that Ghost forced her into doing everything that he wanted, including several illegal things. However, on Day 2, Tasha fumbles as Davis gets Tameika to grill her. She accuses Tasha of being the woman who got Tommy to kill Angela as well, and Tasha is found guilty at the mock trial. Paula still thinks there's time for Davis to walk away from the trial, but Davis won't have it. At the end of the episode, Tariq makes a deal with Monet: He can be her anonymous supplier of drugs. A new partnership is made, though Tariq has to move out of Zeke's room and into Brayden's room. 

Episodes 4-5

In Episode 4, Tariq and Brayden begin their drug-to-doorstep supplication, though Monet makes it clear that she is still the boss and is calling the shots, not Tariq. Tariq pitches an app 'Course Correct' that delivers drugs and tutoring to college students' doors. He insists on cash and doesn't want wired transfers. Tariq pays Davis, and Paula's antennae are raised again, but Davis isn't too ruffled as he thinks that if Tariq were indeed getting his funds from criminal activity, they would know. Davis is keen to get Saxe removed from the case, and wants to show that he is biased. Saxe, on the other hand, has recruited his bratty niece Riley to keep a check on Tariq. 

Paula tells Tariq that she wants payment in the form of a wire transfer. At the end of the episode, after it is revealed that Davis and Paula are sleeping together, they get a wire transfer for Tasha's defense from a shady LLC. 

In Episode 5, Riley drugs Tariq at his 18th birthday party, and he goes on a wild spin. He ends up at his father's grave and makes a confession. Saxe hears this, and records it, plays it to Davis the next day. The two decide to unite and put Tariq in jail.

'Power Book II: Ghost' airs on Sundays at 8 pm on Starz.

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