Victoria and David Beckham 'living in sexless marriage,' claims body language expert as she unravels Vogue photo spread

The appearance of the power couple in the fashion bible comes only months after rumors sparked on problems in their marriage

                            Victoria and David Beckham 'living in sexless marriage,' claims body language expert as she unravels Vogue photo spread

No one can quite bend it like the Beckham family, that has done it again by appearing on the cover of the October issue of fashion bible Vogue and the world cannot wait to get their hands on a copy. If 'solidarity' was a word to use to describe the power couple and their children - Brooklyn (19), Romeo (16), Cruz (13), and Harper (7) - in next month's issue, it would be apt.

In the stylish images featured on the issue, the family shows off their individuality making a fashion statement as they pose in an open field. The appearance of the 'second family of Britain' in the October issue comes only months after rumors started making the rounds that David and Victoria are going through problems in their marriage. The couple had, in June, denied all rumors that they were going to get divorced. 


They had told E! Online in an interview: "People have been making things up about our relationship for 20 years." The former Spice Girl and her football legend husband are definitely used to people making things up about their marriage but the kids have never been exposed to the dark side of fame. Victoria said: "But these things have a wider effect on the people around us, and that's unfair."


A body language expert, however, has analyzed that there is a secret in Victoria's reserved smile about what actually goes on behind closed doors at the Beckham household.

Judi James has claimed that the matriarch looks very distant in the pictures and this makes her seem almost like a ghost to the extent that even the family dog looks like it's ignoring her. She said that Victoria only reveals her sexier side when she's in pictures that don't feature her husband.

James told Mirror Online: "The key shot is all about family with Victoria taking the central role showing that she is very much the tie that binds in the unit. David is oddly missing but his place, in traditional family grouping terms, seems to have been taken by Victoria's eldest son."


She added: "There appears to be a rather large body language disconnect in the pic of the family playing where David makes an appearance. Victoria's presence looks rather ghostly in this one. She reclines on the ground with a distant eye gaze while the kids play around her and even the dog seems to ignore her."

"David mirrors her pose but they lie apart with heads at either end while David, rather awkwardly, joins in the fun by laughing. Victoria seems more reflective and detached from him in the scene. Her solo shots suggest a desire to relaunch as a sexual woman with a sense of humor, clad in cat suits, etc. But this sexual playful side, plus her maternal body language traits do seem oddly missing when her husband joins the pose."