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'Too Hot To Handle' Season 3: Beaux and Harry win, grab largest cash prize EVER

Not only are they the first couple to win the show, but they also walked away with the highest prize money till date
UPDATED JAN 19, 2022
Harry and Beaux on 'Too Hot To Handle' (Netflix)
Harry and Beaux on 'Too Hot To Handle' (Netflix)

For the contestants of 'Too Hot To Handle', keeping their hands off each other seemed almost impossible, as they managed to take the $20000 cash prize and bring it down to $0, on account of penalities. And while it seems like all might be lost, it turns out; there was still some hope to win big!

With $90,000 on the line, it was all up to Nathan and Holly to see if they could survive a night in the suite. If they got intimate, the prize money would remain $0. However, if they managed to keep their hands off each other, the money would go back up to $90,000.


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The group was apprehensive about whether they would be successful, but Nathan's growth was beneficial. With the money going up to $90,000, there was a lot on the line. The episode also saw Nathan tell Holly he is in love with her, and Georgia apologise to Stevan for her behaviour earlier on.

For the final workshop, each contestant had to sum up their progress on the island in one word. For Stevan, it was 'free' as he had learned to move forward. It was 'restraint' for Nathan as he knew to look beyond his desires. For Holly it was 'patience'. For Gerrie, it was 'selfless'.

For Olga it was communication, which was something she struggled with. For Brianna it was 'affectionate' as she often came off as defensive. For Obi it was wisdom, while for Georgia it was brave. For Jackson, Izzy, Beaux and Harry, it was courage, independence, vulnerability and open, respectively. And while everyone was feeling the good vibes, a winner still had to be picked.


Based on the progress they'd made, Lana selected three finalists -- Georgia, Nathan and Harry and Beaux. Georgia was picked due to her openness and honesty with Gerrie and later Stevan. Nathan was picked because he went through the most amount of trials but still managed to come out on top.

Harry and Beaux became the first pair to be nominated, but seeing that they had indeed been honest, open and consistent with each other, they were the obvious choice. With the contestants having to vote, it was no surprise that most of the votes ended up in Harry and Beaux's favour. As a result, the couple was declared Season 3 winners and walked away with a grand total of $90,000, making it the largest cash win in the past 3 seasons! 

'Too Hot to Handle' is available for streaming on Netflix.