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“Never settle for doing anything other than what you truly love in life": Beauty blogger CC Clarke leaves it all on the table

Beauty blogger CC Clarke recently released her new single 'A Little More' and promises that her new album will be inspiring
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

CC Clarke is truly a 21-century star. With over a million Instagram followers, she has been taking over the digital space ever since she first started blogging in 2015. She has produced several beauty and fashion tutorials that have gone viral. She truly loves to play around with makeup. Some of her favorites things to do include “sharp wing, contour and a nude lip,” however she did mention that she loves to switch things up. She is also extremely interested in fashion; her icon is Rihanna. She told Meaww: “Rihanna has always been a huge icon for me in fashion and as a business woman also. Her style is sick!”

Being a digital star, she admits that social media has played an important role in helping her accomplish her dreams of inspiring more people. While talking about social media, she said, “It’s impacted my journey hugely and in the best way as I have tried to stay one step ahead with trends and the exposure has helped all of my endeavors be it business, music and makeup and most importantly inspiring more people daily.”

She has also been the at the forefront of multiple campaigns for MAC, L’Oreal and Maybelline. She has dipped her feet into various fields including modeling, TV presenting, acting and makeup artistry. Most recently, she broke into the music industry with a record deal with Tileyard Music. She spent the past year working with big names in the industry like Kyle Kelso (Kygo), Paul Whalley (Wretch 32) and Jon Kelly (Kate Bush). Of course, the list will most definitely expand in the days to come. She is particularly interested in collaborating with Labyrinth. Speaking about her dream collaboration, she said: “I have always admired Labyrinth as a producer and artist to collaborate with as he is just so talented and I feel like we would write amazing songs together!”

But even before that, she spent pursuing her passion for singing and songwriting. This month marked the release of her highly awaited debut single ‘A Little More.’ This is just the beginning for CC Clarke in the realm of music. She intends to release her own album very soon. When asked how she would describe her upcoming album, she said, it is packed with “big songs that empower and inspire!” She also said the album will bring “back the soulful vibes of Alicia Keys but with a British pop edge full of color.”

CC Clarke also opened up about her other ambitious projects moving forward. She said, “I would love to create a clothing brand, a successful beauty line and perform in a stadium one day! As well as have children and buy my Mum her dream house!” She really seems to know what she wants. She even has a motto to push her to fulfill her dreams: “Never settle for doing anything other than what you truly love in life. Make your hobby your career and mainly always be happy.”

The 25-year-old sure seems to have everything going for her. She has been performing for pretty much all her life, so it makes sense that she is being recognized for her talent at such a young age. She also went to drama school, where she learned to never be afraid of herself. She recalled, “Being around such unapologetic characters taught me that it’s great to be different and it’s what people find most inspiring.”

Apart from being extremely wise and ambitious, CC Clarke said her friends would describe her as weird, loyal, hardworking and funny.