'Beach Around The World': With $2k budget for a 4-bedroom house, will Cas and Stephanie find their dream home?

Stephanie and Cas moved to Belize with the hope of living their best life but with a fixed budget

                            'Beach Around The World': With $2k budget for a 4-bedroom house, will Cas and Stephanie find their dream home?
Cas and Stephanie (HGTV)

Stephaine and Cas decided to leave their city life in a bid to look for some adventure. The brother-sister duo shared the same love for the beach and thought it would be a good idea to move across countries and start a new life. Stephanie, a mother of four beautiful children — three adopted and one biological, always wanted to live a life where she traveled. 

While she dreamed this with her husband, his battle with cancer cost him his life. Despite this, Stephanie made sure that she would fulfill her husband's wish of traveling and living a life that was minimalist while making sure all their children understand how to value the little things in life. To make sure her children learned the simple things in life, she and Cas decided to find a new place in Belize. 

The duo had certain criteria — a house with four bedrooms, two baths and should be around $2000. Living on an island, the brother-sister duo also wanted to make sure they get a nice view of the ocean. However, finding a place in their budget with so many rooms had been a challenge. The pair looked at three houses before they made their decision. The first house was a beach view house and had attached apartments rather than a complete house. Cas and Stephanie thought it would be hard for them to move from one apartment to another. However, the beach view had stolen their heart. 

As they stepped inside the house, they thought it was pretty small and wondered if it would be good enough for everyone. They continued to look into the second apartment that was an adjustment to the first one and thought it was bigger than the first one. Being a bit slightly higher than their expected price, Cas and Stephanie thought it would be good to have a house with a good view. 

The second home failed to have an ocean view but was bigger. While the house seemed big enough for everyone to fit, they did not think it would be a good fit. Soon, they moved to look at their final option. Away from the main city, this house was bigger but further away from the places they would like to be close to. 

Fitting right into their budget, one would think this house would appeal to them. However, thinking about the maintenance work that will go into this, the pair rethought their decision. As they contemplated what would be the best fit for them, the duo decided to make the first house their home. 'Beach Around The World' airs on Sundays at 10 pm ET on HGTV.

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