'B Positive' Episode 2 Preview: Can Dwight make Gina an offer she can't refuse to get her kidney?

In the episode titled 'Die Alysis', Dwight is paranoid that Gina might change her mind and intends to nip that problem in the bud

                            'B Positive' Episode 2 Preview: Can Dwight make Gina an offer she can't refuse to get her kidney?
'B Positive' (CBS)

Dwight (Thomas Middleditch) is in desperate need of a new kidney, and even though he's already found someone who is willing to donate hers, she's not proven to be the most reliable of donors. Gina (Annaleigh Ashford) has already backed out once, and Dwight does not have the time to be able to deal with her backing out again. In order to make sure she doesn't change her mind once again, Dwight is about to make her an offer that she can't refuse.

The reality of Dwight's condition really starts to hit him once his condition starts to worsen. It's one thing to be told by your doctor that you need a kidney transplant, it's another thing to have your own body remind you just how little time you have left to find one – and keep it. Dwight's biological clock is ticking down in the worst way, and the only person he can depend on is a woman for whom dependability is more of a suggestion than a way of life. The synopsis for this episode titled 'Die Alysis' reads, "When Drew's condition worsens, he needs to make sure Gina is still serious about donating her kidney and winds up making her an offer she can't refuse." 

In the last episode, we saw Dwight first learn about his need for a new kidney, and him realizing that his life may soon be over - that is, until he met Gina, a girl from his high school sympathetic to his plight and willing to give her own kidney to him. She did promise him this while drunk, and it took Dwight reminding her of her promise in order for her to agree to the proposition a second time, now sober. After a quick visit to the doctor, Gina proved to be a match – but still someone that Dwight needs to keep an eye on.

Of course, it's not just Gina's willingness to donate a kidney that's been causing problems with their arrangement. In order to ensure a healthy transfer, Gina needs to keep off of all drugs and alcohol for an entire three weeks. Though she's not been diagnosed as an addict, she's certainly one of the most irresponsibly hedonistic people that Dwight knows, and he's going to have to use every trick up his sleeve to keep her on the straight and narrow.

This episode of 'B Positive' airs November 12 at 8:30 PM ET, on CBS.