'Batwoman' has successfully managed to tick off its YouTube audience after three trailers, here's why

'Batwoman' has successfully managed to tick off its YouTube audience after three trailers, here's why

'Batwoman' is the latest entrant to the Arrowverse and while the thought of having Bruce Wayne aka Batman's cousin, Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) play the character is interesting, the show has people mad for differing reasons. The CW show adapts the character who was introduced in 2006. Kane fills in for Batman after the Infinite Crossover event. Initially, her identity— Jewish and a lesbian received some pushback but was also warmly received by people for DC trying to promote diversity. 

Except, it looks like the show's pushed the envelope to the point where warmth turned to intense backlash. The series trailer was released on May 16 and as of today, it has 6.1 million views. Shortly, there were two teasers that made their way— 'Tattoo Trailer' and 'Times are changing'. Each of these clips has failed to touch 200,000 views and there's every reason why the show has managed to receive backlash from people since releasing the footage.  

We decided to rummage around the comments section on YouTube to figure out the reason behind the negative comments, and here's what we found.


The protagonist is a woman. Yes, we get it. 

Here's a look at the series trailer that establishes some background to the show:


The criticism comes from fans who think The CW has literally destroyed the character. A major chunk of the negative comments are centered around one particular aspect of the trailer— The protagonist is a woman and it's just in your face. It even goes as far as Kane looking at the new Bat-suit and Luke Fox (Lucius Fox's son) says “The suit is literal perfection,” Kane's response is "It will be… when it fits a woman". 

The suit is a major throwback to Batman Beyond from the comics, and then they had to put in a wig. The message was simple: Gotham's new masked vigilante was a woman. What's particularly interesting is that women and non-binary too feel that the theme is forced.  Even from someone who loves a lesbian feminist Batwoman, the "I am Woman" as a track feels maladroit. This has been a year where we have seen multiple women superheroes foraying into the universe. Adding Batwoman to the list is supposed to be a good thing, but not be harped upon. 


Jesus! The music?!

Straight up, it's cool to listen to superhero OSTs and BGMs as they bring in a sense of epicness. However, with 'Batwoman' there is a soundtrack, and we still have no idea about the soundtrack's name except for 'I am a woman'. Comments suggest that the song was a rip-off of Billie Eilish's 'Crown'.  While a certain set of people are downright curious about the song's title and sites where it could be downloaded, a majority of the audience still hate the music as it brings in the protagonist-is-a-woman angle. 

The new trailers. The disappointment piles on.

There were two new clips that released after the trailer and the negative comments just piled on. The first trailer was about how times change in Gotham where we see Kane giving away her expensive stuff to the needy. People still have no idea why the spot was made in the first place. Bruce Wayne was the sort of a guy who never really had an idea that there was no money sent from Wayne Enterprises to the Wayne Foundation to support orphaned children. 



In this case, it is openly established that the creators may have planned this to probably give Kane a more Tony-Stark-ish persona. The second trailer was about people in Gotham flaunting their pride and joy— 'Batwoman'. A just-over-a-minute video shows people walking into a tattoo parlor getting the bat logo inked. 


The crowd on Twitter, however, are going ape over Rose as Kate Kane. Whether the show is good or not, whether or not it’s well-received, 'Batwoman' is slated to be a part of the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” TV crossover event with all the DC shows, so like it, or hate it, she’ll be sticking around for a while.


'Batwoman' premieres on The CW on October 9, 2019.

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