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'Batwoman' Season 1 Finale Review: Kate is betrayed, Alice kills [spoiler] and Bruce Wayne sort of returns

Episode 20 'Oh, Mouse!' delivers a lot of major reveals and some interesting plot twists that promise a great Season 2 to come
Ruby Rose and Dougray Scott (IMDb)
Ruby Rose and Dougray Scott (IMDb)

Spoilers for 'Batwoman' Season 1 Episode 20 'Oh, Mouse!'

The CW's 'Batwoman' Season 1 has finally reached its end and the show is going out with a bang. Episode 20 'Oh, Mouse!' delivers a lot of major reveals and some interesting plot twists that promise a great Season 2 to come.


It all starts out with the escape of Tim "Titan" Teslo, a former star football player who was imprisoned in Arkham for ripping a referee's spine out. Titan attacks a man on a train and defeats both Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott) and Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) in her civilian identity and gets away.

Meanwhile, Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson) is trying to destroy the last sample of kryptonite that Bruce Wayne had in his possession so that Alice (Rachel Skarsten) can't get her hands on it. Alice is desperately trying to find some of the alien mineral because it's the only thing that can pierce the Batsuit but Mouse (Sam Littlefield ) tries to convince her to abandon her revenge and leave Gotham. 

After failing to stop Titan from killing his brother, Batwoman realizes that the maniacal former athlete may be too much for her to take. We can sort of see the parallels between Titan and Kate and Bane and Bruce but unlike her cousin, Kate decides to seek help in taking down this formidable enemy. 

With help from Mary Hamilton (Nicole Kang), Batwoman approaches Jacob Kane for a truce and they jointly try and stop Titan before he can kill the coach who allowed him to continue taking steroids even though it was turning him into a violent monster. The Crows shoot and kill Titan and proceed to attack Kate, leaving her to escape with her heartbroken at her father's betrayal.


While all that is going down, Alice agrees to leave with Mouse and they burn a copy of 'Alice in Wonderland' as a trauma breaking exercise. Mouse is happy to see Alice ready to move on until he starts bleeding out his nose and realizes that Alice has poisoned him. 

As Kate and Mary share a drink and talk, Luke shows up and reveals that he found a way to destroy Bruce's kryptonite but Kate reveals that she still has the sample that Kara Danvers / Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) gave her during 'Crisis on Infinite Earths'. Kate refuses to destroy the last bit of kryptonite they have because she feels that would betray the trust Kara placed in her, even though Alice could use the kryptonite to kill Kate.

In the final minutes of the episode, Alice works on a new face for Hush / Tommy Elliot (Gabriel Mann) and reveals that she has turned him into a doppelganger of Bruce Wayne. That's bound to cause some serious problems for Kate in Season 2 and hopefully, it might motivate the real Bruce to make his return.


The episode itself doesn't feel like much of a finale but that's understandable considering the season had to be cut short because of the coronavirus pandemic. The plot with Titan was mostly forgettable though the emotional moments of the episode still hit hard and the twists set up a lot of great stories when the show finally returns.

'Batwoman' Season 1 Episode 20 aired Sunday, May 17, on The CW.