'Batwoman' Episode 19: Kate Kane and Supergirl's common weakness leaves fans confused

Alice discovers that Supergirl and Batwoman have more in common than just capes and heroics

                            'Batwoman' Episode 19: Kate Kane and Supergirl's common weakness leaves fans confused
(The CW)

Spoilers for 'Batwoman' Season 1 Episode 19 'A Secret Kept from All the Rest'

With Lucius Fox's journal and his decoder glasses both in hand, Alice (Rachel Skarsten) has everything she needs to find out Kate Kane/ Batwoman's (Ruby Rose) weakness. Fans were surprised to find out that Alice needs the one component that has proved to be a significant weakness to Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) herself: Kryptonite. That cliffhanger reveal was certainly not what fans were expecting, and they made their confusion known.

"What?! They're going to use Kryptonite to kill Batwoman? It's that Superman, Supergirl, and any Kryptonian's weekness? Confused," a fan tweeted. "Why in the universe would kryptonite be able to kill #Batwoman??" demands this viewer. "To defeat batwoman they need Kryptonite? That sounds like the wrong show and hero? What the hell did crisis do to the batsuit? It now has Kryptonian tech or something. Next season is somehow going to get weirder," notes this tweet. "Why did they have to bring kryptonite into batwoman I've had enough of this s**t on supergirl," laments this fan.

There were a lot of fans who loved that last-minute twist, however. "#Batwoman had me saying an honest-to-god 'WHAT?' at the end... season finale next week! Now smoothly transitioning to #Supergirl" writes this viewer.

Some fans believe the reveal is teasing a crossover between 'Batwoman' and 'Supergirl'. "Kryptonite? Sounds like they're setting up a World's Finest crossover between #Batwoman and #Supergirl," writes one viewer. "Just go to National City, they're filthy with Kryptonite," one fan helpfully points out. "I can't help but think that the kryptonite plot in #Batwoman was supposed to set up a crossover with Supergirl that we now won't get because of Covid," writes one disappointed fan

Others feel like somebody's made a big mistake. "Wait, Kryptonite is one of the key ingredients to defeating Batwoman? I think Lucius is mistaking how to defeat a bat with how to defeat a super," writes this viewer. "I think Alice might’ve accidentally read the section of the journal labeled how to kill kryptonians," says this one. "...ummmmmmmmmmmm Alice I think you're on the wrong page," notes this tweet.

One fan has a completely different theory entirely, writing, "Hush is going to either mind control Superman or Supergirl in Batwoman season 2." 

It turns out that Kryptonians aren't the only ones who have something to fear from that alien green rock. Batwoman had better start asking Supergirl for advice on dealing with the substance, before Alice gets her way.

The next episode of 'Batwoman' airs May 17 on The CW. 

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