'Batwoman' renewed for Season 2 as Gotham's Red Knight is set to return to keep her city safe

Halfway through its first season, the CW has announced the Gotham city superhero series will be renewed for a second season.

                            'Batwoman' renewed for Season 2 as Gotham's Red Knight is set to return to keep her city safe
Batwoman (The CW)

The Batman may still be missing, but Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) will be continuing her adventures as Batwoman for a second season, according to an announcement made by the CW.

The channel announced that it would be renewing 13 of their series for new seasons, including all of their Arrowverse shows besides 'Arrow.'

'Batwoman' is still less than halfway through her first season, so what season 2 will be like is anyone's guess. It seems safe to say that Ruby Rose will be returning to the role as Kate Kane/Batwoman, cousin of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Kate has taken up her cousin's mantle in his absence, putting her own spin on the Batman costume with the help of Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson).

It's still too early to be sure of who will be returning, but with the CW's habit of giving their superheroes a team of allies to work with, it's not a stretch to imagine that Fox will be returning, as well as Kate's step-sister, Mary Hamilton (Nicole Kang). 

Season 1 chronicles Batwoman's first forays into superheroism, and sees her going up against her long-lost twin sister, Beth Kane (Rachel Skarsten). Beth was kidnapped and the events afterward were traumatic enough for her to adopt an entirely new identity as Alice. She's now back in Gotham, seeking revenge on those she feels abandoned her - and Kate Kane is at the very top of that list. 

Season 2 should see a much more experienced Batwoman. She's already gone up against multiple dangerous foes, had her first superhero team-up, been to other universes, and will save not just Gotham, but the entire Multiverse as the Paragon of Courage in 'Crisis on Infinite Earths.' It's quite a list of accomplishments for someone so new to the cape and cowl, but Kate Kane has risen to the occasion.

There are so far no other details regarding Batwoman's second season that have been released. 

The next episode of 'Batwoman' airs January 19, on the CW. 

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