'Batwoman' Episode 5 shows Beth forced to adopt another family after she felt abandoned by the Kanes, she now seeks revenge with Mouse

'Batwoman' Episode 5 shows Beth forced to adopt another family after she felt abandoned by the Kanes, she now seeks revenge with Mouse

'Batwoman' Episode 5 saw Alice (Rachel Skarsten) finally reveal to her sister Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) about how she led her life after the car crash. Her family was led to believe she was dead due to manipulated pieces of evidence, but she was alive all this while and lived through a nightmare.

While the revelation added much-needed depth to Alice's character, it also meant Kate would now have to struggle with the conflict of not having known her twin sister well-enough to rescue her from where she was held as a captive. With this guilt, how will she stand up to Alice's evil plans?

Now that Alice has been reunited with her only friend Mouse (Sam Littlefield), she has big plans for her father. In fact, when Alice gifts Mouse with layers of skin to cover up his scars, she promises to love him forever.


She also promises that along with Mouse, who she addresses as her brother, she will orchestrate the perfect plan to exact revenge and make sure, once and for all, she will never be forgotten again. 

A still of Ruby Rose as Kate. (Source: The CW screenshot)

In this entire conversation, however, Alice never once mentions her sister. In fact, since the beginning of the show, Alice has had a soft corner for Kate. Yes, she did beat her up in the first episode but then again, she has also stopped killing people since she received that ultimatum from Kate.

Kate had said that if Alice continued to kill people, Kate will not stand by and she will even go to the extent of forgetting the fact that Alice is Beth. Does this hint at Alice's need to stay in touch with her sister, even if it means that the two from now will always stand on opposite sides.


Kate as Batwoman, always trying to keep Gotham safe and Alice always trying to attack Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott) of Crows Security, the father she stabbed in episode 5. In the last episode, while Kate made her entry for the day addressed to Bruce Wayne, she worried about how she can hope to understand Alice now if she hadn't even understood Beth, her twin sister, whom she had led half her life with?

Beth's transformation into Alice is a psychological reaction to everything she was forced to go through as a child. She had to give up on the family she knew to keep them safe and own a family where the adult was a predator in that he used Beth to keep his son Mouse company. While all of this was happening, she soon also realized that her own family had given up on her. 

The next episode of 'Batwoman' will air on The CW at 8 p.m. ET Sunday.


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