'Batwoman' Episode 10 has fans rooting for the superhero after she tells Gotham she's a lesbian

'Batwoman' Episode 10 has fans rooting for the superhero after she tells Gotham she's a lesbian
Alice and Batwoman. (Source: The CW screenshot)

'Batwoman' Episode 10 follows the crisis event and in the beginning, there wasn't much that had changed in Gotham. We did see Batwoman (Ruby Rose) being shipped with a police officer who turns up everywhere that she goes and she is even saved by him when she goes after the "runaway train" as the fans have dubbed it.

It isn't until the last few minutes of the episode that we see how the creation of Earth Prime has changed Kate Kane's world. Now, she has a reporter on speed dial to help her out with revealing information about Batwoman for the greater good. With Supergirl's alter-ego Kara Danvers' help, Batwoman manages to come out to Gotham and announces that she is a Lesbian. 

This comes after her frustration at the public in general who seemed to be more interested in her sex life than how she saved hundreds of people from death. Many fans have noted how this coming out was much needed, and the fact that Kara wrote it, has received a thumbs up. One fan wrote, "Awe. Kara Danvers wrote Kate’s article. Such a good bestie." 


Another fan wrote, "Thanks for an awesome episode @CWBatwoman @BatwomanWriters. So proud of Batwoman being out and an open role model to Gotham. Love that reference to Kara Danvers and CATCO in #Batwoman."

One fan shared the magazine cover of Batwoman's announcement and wrote, "First reaction was like duh we all know that! How is this news? Then I realized... Oh!  it's an in-universe news story about #Batwoman. This shallow news article reflecting our current societal obsessions makes so much sense actually."

One of the fans pointed out how relatable Batwoman's struggle is and wrote, "#Batwoman, Of course, Batwoman got saved by a male cop and everyone is going to assume they could be a ship even though Batwoman, and I quote, 'is very, very gay'."

Fans have also noted how a different version of Beth Kane has added to the show. One fan, without giving away any spoilers, wrote, "That ending what the heck #Batwoman." Another noted, "Between baby Sara coming back, the extra Lois and Clark baby, and now a second Beth. It appears all the #CrisisOnInfiniteEarths fallout is a twin based. #Batwoman."


Fans also cannot believe that Batwoman took off her mask in front of Parker aka The Terrier. One fan noted, "#Batwoman OH SHIT! Kate Kane revealed herself as Batwoman to The Terrier in front of Slice! Hope the Terrier can see now Kate does know what she’s gone through as a gay woman."

Another said, "Kate did not just take of the mask!?!?! What the hell is going on?#Batwoman."

'Batwoman' episodes air on Sunday at 8 pm ET on The CW.


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