'Basketball Wives' newbie CeCe is on her way to cementing her place in NBA star Byron Scott's family

Cece and Byron's relationship has been rocky from the very beginning, especially owing to the feud between Byron's son Thomas' wife Kristen Scott and Cece

                            'Basketball Wives' newbie CeCe is on her way to cementing her place in NBA star Byron Scott's family

In case you were still in doubt about the relationship status of retired NBA star Byron Scott and his new girlfriend Cecilia "CeCe" Gutierrez on Basketball Wives, then your moment of clarity is definitely here. Over the weekend, the basketball star opened up about his relationship status on Instagram and even hinted at the fact that the couple might already be engaged.

In a comment under one of CeCe's Instagram posts, Scott left a message that possibly announced a new chapter in the couple's relationship.


He wrote, “4 1-2 years ago we met. 6 months later you were my girlfriend. 2 weeks ago you became my fiancé. And soon you will be my wife. I am the luckiest man on earth. I love you, baby.” Moreover, CeCe's Instagram account now carries a ring emoji next to the #4, which is also Byron's jersey number!

Now that rumors of their engagement are doing the rounds, fans of the couple are waiting with bated breath to get even a small peek at the ring. However, CeCe hasn't given a close-up of the ring just yet, so everyone has to hang on to her Instagram profile for the slightest glimpse.


CeCe and Byron were recently spotted on a double date with fellow Basketball Wives co-star OG and her boyfriend Kwame Alexander, where CeCe sported a huge sparkling ring on her finger that can easily be seen shining from a mile away!

CeCe and Byron's relationship has been rocky from the start, owing to a feud between Byron's son Thomas's wife Kristen Scott and CeCe. Even though the duo has a family connection, Kristen and CeCe have often been on the opposite sides of the fence on a few issues in the past.


It was later revealed that Kristen was upset about Byron not being around to visit his own granddaughter, and she had earlier thought it was CeCe who was involved in the growing distance between Byron and his family. In Amsterdam, Kirsten claimed that CeCe's part in the family wasn't "solidified" enough, but the news of the couple's engagement is definitely going to change that.

Byron was previously married to his ex-wife, Anita, for 29 years and the duo filed for divorce in 2014. According to the Blast, Byron and Anita have been tied up in court over spousal support even after the divorce was finalized. On the other hand, there is very little info available on CeCe's past, although she does have a 25-year-old son.