36-year-old Barbie fanatic who has spent over $10,000 on cosmetic surgery reveals plans to win the title of Norway's biggest breasts

Sindy Starlet was bullied in school for her small breasts and as a teenager and then she decided to set her sights on taking the title of having the biggest breasts in Norway.

                            36-year-old Barbie fanatic who has spent over $10,000 on cosmetic surgery reveals plans to win the title of Norway's biggest breasts

A single mother has spent the last 21 years attempting to look like the perfect 'Barbie' and revealed that she is planning to triple the size of her already enhanced 32I breast size. Sindy Starlet has spent around £8,000 on the cosmetic procedures which she has had so far. 

Starlet who is from Oslo describes herself as the 'Norwegian Bimbo Doll'. She has set her sights on taking the title of having the biggest breasts in Norway after being bullied in school for her 34A breast size. Sindy had cosmetic procedures which include getting 700cc breast implants. Before the end of the year, she is hoping to further enhance her breasts with around 3,000cc of silicone.

The 36-year-old mother often shares racy pictures with her 125 K followers on Instagram and added that her 14-year-old son Leo always 'laughs away' her antics. She spoke to 'Barcroft TV' and said, "I am the Barbie of Norway. If I die, I'm going to be buried in a pink coffin, with pink lipstick. My characteristics are my height, my long blonde hair, big lips, blue eyes, tanned skin and of course big boobs. I am the queen of bling."

Before leaving the house, Sindy admitted to needing around two hours to get ready though when it comes to her Insta selfies, it can take her up to two whole days to prepare for the perfect shot. "I spend about two hours to get ready before I go outside. When I get ready for an Instagram picture, it all depends on my mood. Sometimes it takes five minutes, sometimes it takes two days. I love to take pictures and sell pictures. There are a lot of men out there that like extra large boobs," she shared. 

When Sindy was a teenager, she decided that she wanted to look like Barbie after being bullied for having 'small boobs'. She was from a loving and supportive family but things started to change after her mother passed away when she was just eight years old. 


"I have much more self-confidence now that I have had plastic surgeries. I have wanted to look the way I do now since I was 15. My boobs were really small before – I think they were around a 34A. But now, my boobs are 700cc silicone. I feel more like a woman, I get more attention. I feel more sexy. I am happy with who I am. I don't think I'm ugly and I'm not embarrassed to walk down the street. I get compliments all the time, but I want to go all the way to make myself look perfect," she continued. 

She has even booked a breast consultation appointment in Brussels for later this year and hopes to triple her size. "We are going to discuss the possibility for me to get expanders, rather than silicone. Expanders basically means that I can decide the size myself, they will fill them with saline and then I can add and add and add until I get my desired size. The main reason I want to take my boobs to 3,000cc is because I want to live off them. Bigger boobs would look really really good for me," Sindy said. 

Starlet also spoke about the attention she receives when she goes outside and said, "When I walk down the street in Oslo, I get a mixed reaction. Some laugh, some point, some whisper, and talk. Some look at me in admiration. But I don't really care either way. I want to look the way I look and no-one can tell me otherwise. I am following my dreams and my heart. My Barbie heart."

"I have big plans for Sindy Starlet. My main goal is to increase my breast size and I want to have nose surgery. I've also considered putting fat into my butt, but I have to think about that because I've heard you can get scars. But nose, teeth, butt, and boobs. My main goal for my life is to be rich and famous," she added.