Barack Obama was a 'parasite' who used Democratic Party to win 2012 poll and put it in debt, claims book

Barack Obama was a 'parasite' who used Democratic Party to win 2012 poll and put it in debt, claims book
Barack Obama has been portrayed as arrogant in a new book which claimed that he believed he could defeat Donald Trump in 2016 if he could run for a third term (Getty Images)

It’s more than four years since Barack Obama has left the White House but he continues to be a personality much debated and discussed in public life. While his voice continues to be weighty in matters related to the Democratic Party and the nation as a whole, there are also voices that assess the former president in a negative tone. A new book, for instance, has claimed that Obama was nothing but a “parasite” on the blue party who sucked it dry for his re-election and left drowned in a massive debt.

The Atlantic’s award-winning political journalist Edward-Isaac Dovere is set to come up with his new publication titled ‘Battle for the Soul: Inside the Democrats' Campaigns to Defeat Trump’, in which he reveals the inside story of how the embattled Dem sought a direction for its future during the presidency of Donald Trump and managed to regain the White House.


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Isaac-Dovere has detailed what top leaders like Obama and President Joe Biden had thought about each other and how the Dems saw Trump but his book also made a critical evaluation of Obama. According to the book that will come out on Tuesday, May 25, Obama used the Democratic Party structure as a ‘host’ for his 2012 re-election campaign and then treated it like a ‘husk’ to be discarded with a debt burden worth $4.2 million, an exclusive report in Daily Mail said

Former president Barack Obama and vice president Joe Biden with their fanilies after winning the 2012 presidential election (Getty Images)

Obama used party resources to facilitate his re-election

It said Obama, America’s first president of color, oversaw the ‘pilfering of talent, money, resources, and purpose’ away from the Democratic National Committee to his own reelection camp, the Mail added. It also added that in eight years of Obama as the president (2009-17), the Democrats lost 947 state legislature seats, 63 House seats, 11 senators and 13 governors but he never took the blame for the adversity.

Isaac-Dovere, who worked as Politico’s Washington correspondent, also said the former president was so arrogant that he believed he could have defeated Trump if he could run for a third term in 2016. It has also been argued that Obama’s ego was on display on a golf course where he bragged that the tweet he had sent after the Charlottesville far-right rally in 2017 got more likes than anything that Trump tweeted (the latter is now suspended from the social media platform). 


‘Battle for the Soul’ explains in detail how the presidential race in the Democratic Party got shaped up before Biden, who had a modest start, went on to bag the nomination and eventually beat incumbent Trump in an election that was marred by a deadly pandemic.

Amid the detailing, the book has seen passages on the shadow that Obama cast over the party and they earned a blunt rebuke from the author. 

Former President Barack Obama with his immediate successor Donald Trump days after the Republican won the 2016 presidential election (Getty Images)

The book also mentioned what Obama had thought about Biden’s candidature. It is known that the former president was less enthusiastic about his former deputy’s chances and felt he is not one having great public communication skills. Obama waited late to endorse Biden as the Democratic presidential candidate for the 2020 election and was not sure even then about the decision the Dems had taken. He saw Biden as a ‘compromise candidate’ who ‘wasn’t exactly inspiring’. Dovere summarized Obama’s thinking as ‘the chariot could turn back into a pumpkin at any point’.

Also in extracts from the book that have already been made public, Dovere revealed that Obama called Trump a ‘madman’, a ‘racist, sexist pig’, ‘that f***ing lunatic’ and a ‘corrupt motherf***er’. His most intense reaction against Trump came after he learned that the latter was holding phone calls with Russian President Vladimir Putin without aides on line. He then had called Trump a ‘corrupt motherf***er’.

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