Barack Obama's touching tribute to Prince Philip moves millions to tears: 'To lead without demanding spotlight'

A user asked Obama to 'check on Harry. Can't be nice being so far away and just wanting to embrace the family that's hurting right now'

                            Barack Obama's touching tribute to Prince Philip moves millions to tears: 'To lead without demanding spotlight'
Former US President Barack Obama and Prince Phillip (Getty Images)

The tributes are pouring in from all over the world, from world leaders both past and present for the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip, after he passed away just short of his 100th birthday, There is one tribute however that is moving millions to tears, that of Barack Obama. The Obamas first met the Queen and Prince Philip in 2009 and would go on to share a warm friendship with them, in which the Queen and Prince Phillip showed that they were extremely at ease with the Obamas. Prince Philip even drove the Obamas from their helicopter to Windsor Castle in 2016. Barack Obama said at the time, “I have to say I have never been driven by a Duke of Edinburgh before and I can report that it was very smooth riding,”.

Michelle Obama was also famously pictured with her arm around the Queen, which was seen as a sign of a great friendship by some and well of course by others as a breach of protocol. But it wasn't protocol that finally inspired Barack Obama's tribute to Prince Philip, but rather the ability of the Queen and Prince Philip to rise above it. 


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In his post, which many are calling the most touching tribute to Prince Philip, Obama says, "His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, he and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had already been on the world stage for more than half a century — welcoming leaders like Churchill and Kennedy; Mandela and Gorbachev. As two Americans unaccustomed to palaces and pomp, we didn’t know what to expect.
We shouldn’t have worried. The Queen and Prince Philip immediately put us at ease with their grace and generosity, turning a ceremonial occasion into something far more natural, even comfortable. Prince Philip in particular was kind and warm, with a sharp wit and unfailing good humor. It was our first introduction to the man behind the title, and in the years since, our admiration for him has only grown. We will miss him dearly.

Like the Queen, Prince Philip saw world wars and economic crises come and go. The radio gave way to the television, and the television to the internet. And through it all, he helped provide steady leadership and guiding wisdom. It has long been said that the United States and Great Britain have a special relationship — one that has been maintained and strengthened not just by presidents and prime ministers but by the Royal Family that has outlasted them all.

At the Queen’s side or trailing the customary two steps behind, Prince Philip showed the world what it meant to be a supportive husband to a powerful woman. Yet he also found a way to lead without demanding the spotlight — serving in combat in World War II, commanding a frigate in the Royal Navy, and tirelessly touring the world to champion British industry and excellence. Through his extraordinary example, he proved that true partnership has room for both ambition and selflessness — all in service of something greater.

As the world mourns his loss, we send our warmest wishes and deepest sympathies to the Queen, their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren; and everyone who knew and loved this remarkable man."


The beautiful and most importantly deeply personal tribute, had social media impressed. One social media follower said, "It's surely the finest, most moving and most poignant tribute to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh we've seen today, isn't it?"


Another concurred saying, "He has a way with words and is so genuine. He literally knows how to make us weep." Some fans of The Royal Family had another request for Barack Obama had another request for the former President which involved Harry. One fan tweeted "Did it again didn't you? Left me speechless @BarackObama - I'm sure you already have but please check on Harry. Can't be nice being so far away and just wanting to embrace the family that's hurting right now. Thanks & kind regards"



Others however are shocked at the lack of affection in Meghan and Harry's tribute to Prince Philip. It seems that in this particular regard, it would have been wise to take a leaf out President Obama's notes or even Donald Trump for that matter, who many felt wrote a better tribute than Meghan and Harry. 

It seems that in a moment of deep grief, Obama's words have – as they have had in the past before – the ability to soothe and inspire.



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