Barack Obama reportedly sent a letter to Malia's boyfriend apologizing to him

Barack Obama reportedly tried to make things right with Malia's boyfriend as he penned down a letter apologizing for the media attention he got

                            Barack Obama reportedly sent a letter to Malia's boyfriend apologizing to him
Barack Obama and Malia Obama (Source:Getty Images)

It is hard to live a normal life when the entire world wants to know what you are doing. The same thing happens with celebrity kids and unfortunately or fortunately, Michelle and Barack Obama's daughter, Malia Obama has witnessed what it is to be with parents who are famous. However, another person who happens to be at the receiving end of this fame is none other than Malia's boyfriend, Rory Farquharson. 

According to Charlotte Griffiths of Daily Mail,  her ‘high-society informants’  have told her that Barack and Michelle have written a letter to Rory apologizing for the attention their famous name might bring him for dating their daughter. One could say that it was quite thoughtful on the part of the Obamas because it is hard being a teenager and trying to figure out about love and relationships, but it is harder to be in the media spotlight while you are doing so. 

The relationship of Malia and Rory came to light after a picture of them kissing before the annual Harvard-Yale football game surfaced online. The 19-year-old, clad in a yellow puffer jacket and white leggings, shared a passionate kiss with her mystery lover, who was later revealed to be a sophomore student who studies with her at Harvard.

Just a couple of months after the two were photographed, the young pair was spotted together enjoying a nice day in New York City. Even though the two come from prestigious families, it did not seem like this young love cared about the paparazzi that were following them as they enjoyed each others' company. 

Both, Malia and Rory seemed to be busy talking and giggling at what the other had to say. The two also took time to do what every other teenager loves to do, stare at their phones. The pair looked every bit the young hip couple in tights and Doc Martens and a blue puffer jacket, respectively. Even though Malia may have been equipped with all the media attention, for Rory, it was something new. 

Meanwhile, Obama has always been vocal about his daughters having a normal life and living the way they want to. The former president was honest about being emotional as he left Malia for college. Looking at the father-daughter relationship that the two share, it is certain Barack would never want the media to be the reason for any distress in his daughter's and Rory's relationship.