Barack Obama is confident Joe Biden will be a good president as he 'genuinely cares' and has 'great team' with him

The former President called Biden a 'people person' and said that the 'core of him is what gives me confidence that he'll be a good president'

                            Barack Obama is confident Joe Biden will be a good president as he 'genuinely cares' and has 'great team' with him
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Former President Barack Obama, in a recent interview, said that President-elect Joe Biden is the right man to lead America at this time. Obama, while talking to People magazine, suggested that his former vice president has all the makings for the person required to be the country's president during this time. "Joe is somebody who I've never seen be anything less than decent," Obama said. “He is somebody who genuinely cares about other people and is interested in them and treats them with kindness, and respect, and enthusiasm, and curiosity."

Obama, 59, called Biden a "people person" and said that the "core of him is what gives me confidence that he'll be a good president." Biden, a former Delaware senator, famously built his political career partly based on his one-on-one interactions with voters and his solidifying relations with other politicians. The former vice president, after Election Day, on November 3, has been projected as the winner of the 2020 presidential elections against the incumbent President Donald Trump. The Republican leader, however, has refused to concede in the elections alleging massive voter fraud. Trump or his legal team have not yet presented any evidence to back their claims.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden wave to the crowd at the end of a drive-in campaign rally at Northwestern High School on October 31, 2020 in Flint, Michigan. (Getty Images)

The former president continued his praise of the oncoming president, saying: "He is constantly asking himself, how does this affect real people? How does this affect families? How is this gonna affect kids? Because he cares about them, you're not gonna see him make decisions that may be good for a handful of special interests, or be good for short-term politics, but bad for the American people. I trust him there."

Biden, who was Obama's vice president for eight years before Mike Pence in the White House, is set to take assume the presidency on January 20. The Democrat leader has stated that he hopes to start leading the country on "day one" through its public health and economic challenges. Over 260,000 people have died because of the novel coronavirus in the United States as of Thursday, November 26, according to the Johns Hopkins University.

President-elect Joe Biden, Obama’s vice president during the latter's eight years in the White House, will take the helm from Donald Trump on Jan. 20 and has said he hopes to start on "day one" leading the country through its overlapping public health and economic challenges. (As of Wednesday, some 260,000 people had been killed in the U.S. by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), as the pandemic has tied itself like an anchor to large parts of the country's economy.) Biden has reportedly been meeting with panels of Covid-19 advisers since the election results became clear and he began receiving congratulatory messages from leaders across the world. 

Obama, during his interview with People, noted that Biden will not be leading the country through this crisis alone and that he has a great partner in Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. "He's got a great team around him,” Obama said, adding that he’s also “got a great partner in Kamala Harris,” who is set to make history in January 2021 becoming the first woman to be vice president. “I'm just gonna be like other American citizens, praying for him, hoping for his success. I will be confident that he'll be up to the job," Obama added.

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