Baltimore strip club sues mayor over Covid-19 ban, Internet says strippers finally have 'time to go to college'

'The [executive order] specifically targets adult entertainment venues...all live entertainment is permitted except adult entertainment venues'

                            Baltimore strip club sues mayor over Covid-19 ban, Internet says strippers finally have 'time to go to college'
Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott (R) has been sued by a strip club (Getty Images/Twitter)

A strip club in Baltimore has filed a lawsuit against the mayor and city council stating that the ban enacted on adult entertainment during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic actually infringes the club's right to free speech. Multiple reports said TC Entertainment, which operates the Penthouse Club is asking for an injunction against the ban that was brought in by the mayor, Brandon Scott.

December 11 saw adult entertainment venues being closed after Scott called for the closing of “indoor recreational establishments,” including bowling alleys, skating rinks, social and fraternal clubs, hookah lounges, and adult entertainment venues."  Stefanie Mavronis, a spokesperson for the mayor, says the city’s law department is reviewing the lawsuit (Via New York Post).


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Reactions to the news flowed in thick and fast. "Maybe this gave the strippers time to finally go to college," one of the tweets read. The memes and the mockings weren't far behind. "Oh for sure this will help the economy!" wrote one user. #Freethetitties was one of the common hashtags doing the rounds. "Free them what?" one of the comments read.

"#FreeTheTitties is the first time a hashtag has ever held any real meaning," a comment read. For some, this was the much-needed opportunity to slap more lawsuits for various issues. "MORE LAWSUITS ARE NEEDED!!" a tweet read. There were references to Tommy Carcetti from HBO's 'The Wire'. A tweet said: "Carcetti would’ve never let this happen."






"The [executive order] specifically, and unabashedly targets adult entertainment venues,” the lawsuit read. "There is not even an attempt to cloak the [executive order] with any other meaning. All live entertainment is permitted except adult entertainment venues."

“There is no justification to signal (sic) out adult entertainment venues above all other forms of live entertainment other than a puritan interest to close such facilities,” the lawsuit added. Talking about the suit which is in review, Mavronis said: "Baltimore will continue to make decisions guided by the public health data and will make assessments on a regular basis to determine when it is appropriate to ease restrictions."

The lawsuit is not the first time Baltimore has faced as a result of its Covid restrictions. The Baltimore Sun says the restrictions imposed have been stricter than the rest of the states. In December, the Restaurant Association of Maryland, a Columbia-based trade group, sued the city over the dining ban which was imposed. The restaurant owners argued they were unfairly singled out for restrictions, the report added. A Baltimore Circuit Court judge denied the request for an injunction and sided with the city.

The report also added that The Penthouse Club has taken measures to ensure clientele social distance inside the club, "Tables and chairs are spaced out, mirroring the "standard depressing Covid restaurant interior," Attorney Joshua Insley said. "If the ban on adult entertainment is lifted, dancers would perform at least 6 feet from patrons, and cables would be installed around dancers’ cages to keep patrons back."

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