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'Bad Hair Day': Dr Isha Lopez helps Charli reconnect with her femininity by removing her excessive facial hair

31-year-old Charli from Dallas, Texas seeks treatment for excessive facial hair growth and hair loss
UPDATED AUG 26, 2022
Dr Isha Lopez's patient Charli in 'Bad Hair Day' (TLC)
Dr Isha Lopez's patient Charli in 'Bad Hair Day' (TLC)

HOUSTON, TEXAS: Charli, a patient on TLC's new series 'Bad Hair Day,' claims her excessive hair growth, along with hair thinning on her head, has affected "every single aspect" of her life. "I can't even feel feminine at this point," Charli confesses emotionally in the new series' season premiere.

Charli, 31, of Dallas, Texas, seeks assistance from Dr Lopez. "I just want to be comfortable and be happy again," she confesses. There has been some hormonal change since she had her last baby, which has caused her to start growing a beard. After three years of not getting an explanation for her illness, she decided to seek assistance from Dr Lopez for her growing facial hair and hair loss on her head. Charli has been modeling since she was four years old and is now struggling to take a back seat due to her issues.


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Charli had previously visited only male doctors, leading her to feel that they were unconcerned with a woman having facial hair. She is now seeking assistance, hoping that Dr Lopez can empathize with her. Charli's facial hair isn't something she can just shave. It's gritty and thick, meaning that they regenerate faster than one may expect. It has become a mental game for Charli.

"I can see that she's had a hard road with the amount of hair that she has on her face," Dr Lopez said about her visit with Charli. While she does not experience itching or soreness from her scalp, Charli reports that when she washes her hair, it "comes out in clumps." The doctor believes Charli is suffering from hirsutism, which she defines as hair growth in regions that are generally "ruled by male hormones" — namely, testosterone. She prescribes oral Spironolactone to Charli in order to "block testosterone's effect on her skin," which should limit both the hair growth on her face and the hair loss on her scalp. Dr Lopez recommends combining the medicine with laser hair removal.

Dr Lopez performing laser hair removal on Charli in 'Bad Hair Day' (TLC
Dr Lopez performing laser hair removal on Charli in 'Bad Hair Day' (TLC)

"Where have you been my whole life," Charli asks the doctor after describing her treatment plan.

Charli finds no more hair growth on her chin after treatment, leaving her skin cleaner than ever. She says that whenever one or two strands grow, they are so thin that no one can notice. Charli's hair was patchy, thin, and bald-looking before the treatment, but the thickness has returned, adding volume to her hair.

Before and After Charli's laser hair removal in 'Bad Hair Day' (TLC)
Before and After Charli's laser hair removal in 'Bad Hair Day' (TLC)

'Bad Hair Day' premiered on TLC on Wednesday, August 24th at 10 pm ET/PT. Three medical professionals who specialize in conditions relating to the health of the hair will be featured in the new six-episode medical drama: dermatologists Dr Isha Lopez and Dr Meena Singh, as well as hair restoration surgeon Dr Angie Phipps.