'Bad Boys for Life': Will Smith tells fans how he 'convinced' DJ Khaled to work on film's soundtrack

'Bad Boys for Life': Will Smith tells fans how he 'convinced' DJ Khaled to work on film's soundtrack
Will Smith and DJ Khaled (Getty Images)

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back on the screen to please their fans with another sequel to 'Bad Boys'. The two got together for 'Bad Boys For Life' and brought the same energy that they showcased when the movie first released. Taking to Instagram, Smith showed the way in which he convinced DJ Khaled to do the soundtrack for the movie. 

Smith shared a scene from the movie in which he pressed DJ Khaled's hand against the table as he demanded to get some answers to his questions. Taking a jab at the scene he wrote, "How we got @djkhaled to do the @badboys soundtrack. Mike Lowrey’s a fantastic negotiator ;-)"

Khaled also weighed in on the joke as he replied to the post with a laughing emoji. Meanwhile, fans could not contain their laughter as they applauded Smith for his witty post while many praised Khaled for his acting skills showcased in the film. "@djkhaled they probably drugged you first huh😂. You did so good on the soundtrack keep up the good work!" wrote one. 

Another added, "@djkhaled good work in the movie." While fans are still taking in the 'Bad Boys For Life', it has been confirmed a fourth edition to the film would be releasing as well. Deadline confirmed that  'Bad Boys For Life' screenwriter Chris Bremner is set to return to write another script for the movie. Bremner co-wrote 'Bad Boys For Life' with Peter Craig and Joe Carnahan.

While there hasn't been any other confirmation with regard to the plot, it is believed that Lawrence and Smith will be teaming up again to bring out another film. Looking at the positive response that 'Bad Boys For Life' is getting there is no surprise that people are already counting days until more details about the film will be released. 


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