'Backyard Envy': Garrett wants to propose to Andrew with a ring but Mel is not sure if he will like surprises

Garrett and Andrew have been dating for over four years now and seem set to begin a new chapter in their relationship

                            'Backyard Envy': Garrett wants to propose to Andrew with a ring but Mel is not sure if he will like surprises
Garrett Magee and Melissa Brasier (Bravo)

'Backyard Envy' Season 2 came to an end with a charming beachside proposal planned by Garrett Magee and assisted by Melissa "Mel" Brasier. Garrett and Andrew Walko have been together for over four years now and it was about time they took the next big step. Garrett asked Andrew to marry him on Fire Island, which was the perfect spot for them to start a new chapter because that was the beach they first decided to get into a relationship.

"Andrew and I met at a house party a friend was throwing over Memorial Day weekend in NYC. Not long after, we became boyfriends while on Fire Island for Pride. Together, we have traveled the world, finding a beach wherever we can, and share a passion for plants and never going to bed without dessert," he shared with The Daily Dish.

Mel, however, was worried about how Andrew would take it because he is not the one to enjoy surprises. But, the couple surprised everyone and came back to the beach shack engaged.

Garrett and Andrew are a newly-engaged couple but they have had to battle a few issues of their own. The Manscapers have grown and are doing really well. Today, they have more clients with bigger projects. And that has caused them to work longer hours. This obviously meant Garrett was not around Andrew for more than a few hours. Andrew pointed out that his schedule has started to get in the way of their schedule but the two sorted things out later. And why wouldn't they, given their epic love story and the care, and love they share for each other. 

Speaking of love and care, James DeSantis really loves The Manscapers and how it has evolved over the years. However, he wishes to expand the business and not stick to New York because for landscapers, shops are shut after summer is over. The fall doesn't come with a lot of opportunities for them and so he wants to move to Los Angeles and see how best the firm can be established. Mel agreed with hesistation because going bi-coastal would require her to travel extensively and with a daughter in tow, she doesn't know if that would be entirely possible.

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