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'Backstreet Rookie' Episode 9 will see Saet-byul leave Dae-hyun and move in with Ji-wook

The promo of the upcoming episode of 'Backstreet Rookie' shows Yeon-joo's family and Dae-hyun's family get introduced to each other, but are things really headed for the better?
Kim Yoo-jung and Ji Chang-wook (SBS)
Kim Yoo-jung and Ji Chang-wook (SBS)

'Backstreet Rookie' Episode 8 ended with Yeon-joo (Han Sun-hwa) visiting Dae-hyun's (Ji Chang-wook) home and coming to the realization that Saet-byul (Kim Yoo-jung) is also staying at his home. The moment that the three of them come face to face is hilarious but this also pushes Yeon-joo to take a serious step in her relationship with Dae-hyun if we were to go by the promo of the upcoming episode. In the promo, we see Dae-hyun's mother meet Yeon-joo's mother and the two of them are surprised for different reasons of course. Dae-hyun's mother seems excited about her son's future family-in-law being rich and classy. 

Dae-hyun's father meanwhile ends up getting a job but what kind of job is something that we will have to wait and watch in the next episode. The most important detail, however, seems to be the fact that Saet-byul has yet again had to move away from Dae-hyun. This time, because she doesn't have her sister depending on her either, we see her getting rescued from being homeless by her childhood friend Kang Ji-wook. However, Ji-wook is a celebrity actor and is usually followed by the paparazzi, and pictures of Ji-wook and Saet-byul are clicked. This will definitely lead to problems for the two of them as we had earlier seen how sensitive Ji-wook's manager had been about him getting spotted with Saet-byul or her friends during a dinner meeting. 

Meanwhile, Saet-byul who knows about Yeon-joo lying to Dae-hyun also seems wary of everything that he has planned for Yeon-joo and their future. She even asks him if this is what he had meant when he had said that he had everything planned. While we do not know what exactly Saet-byul is referring to, she looks extremely unhappy. Can she really save Dae-hyun from the clutches of a relationship in which he will always feel inferior?

Will Dae-hyun learn the truth about Yeon-joo having cheated on him with her friend and boss Seung-joon? Considering that their families have met, can the two of them brave through Yeon-joo cheating on him? These are the questions that the new episode will address. Along with this, we will also see if Saet-byul manages to find any clues about her sister who left her to become a trainee after being promised that she will be put on a fast track to becoming an idol in an all-girl group. 

A romantic angle between Ji-wook and Saet-byul also seems to be building up, but Saet-byul seems completely unaware of the same. We will see more on her relationship with Ji-wook unfold in the upcoming episode. 

'Backstreet Rookie' originally airs on SBS on Fridays and Saturdays at 10 pm KST.