'Backstreet Rookie' Episode 14: Dae-hyun proposes to Saet-byul but Yeon-joo is scheming against them

'Backstreet Rookie' Episode 14 sees Yeon-joo begin to scheme again now that she has learned about how useful Dae-hyun could be for her

                            'Backstreet Rookie' Episode 14: Dae-hyun proposes to Saet-byul but Yeon-joo is scheming against them
Ji Chang-wook and Kim Yoo-jung (SBS)

'Backstreet Rookie' Episode 14 sees Dae-hyun (Ji Chang-wook) and Saet-byul (Kim Yoo-jung) get a lot closer than before. After episode 13 ended with Dae-hyun giving Saet-byul red tulips, we saw the two of them get extremely close and the two seemed really close to kissing. In continuation, we see in episode 14 that the tulips were for wishing Saet-byul the best ahead of her GED exam that she was encouraged to take by Dae-hyun. He is also about to tell her the second reason why he gave her flowers, and they are just about to kiss, like another instance before but are interrupted again. This time, by Dae-hyun's sister. 

Between taking care of the convenience store and continuing to work as the consultant at the head office, Dae-hyun becomes extremely tired and is also overworked. He does succeed in completing the first assignment that Seung-joon gives him, but in the process, he ends up hurting himself and also passes out after exhaustion. In the meantime, Yeon-joo, who lobbied for Dae-hyun to get the executive position, is planning schemes of her own. Now that she has got Dae-hyun working back at the head office, she tries to spend more time together and even goes to the extent of going to Dae-hyun's mother with the suggestion that they let the head office take care of the convenience store to lighten Dae-hyun's workload. 

She pushes this as if it is for the best of Dae-hyun but by the end of the episode, we learn that is not the case. To convince Dae-hyun to give up on running the convenience store that he loves so much, she also tells him that Saet-byul would also receive a promotion and become an assistant manager. However, Dae-hyun is smart this time around, and he sees through all of Yeon-joo's schemes too. So instead, he tells her to shove off and decides to resign from the executive consultant's position. However, it is Saet-byul who tells him that she and the convenience store will both be fine being taken care of by the head office. Dae-hyun tries to warn her that despite being promoted to the Assistant Manager's position, she might face a hard time because of the new manager. 

He seems to have guessed Yeon-joo's intentions because right then we see Yeon-joo hire a manager solely to remove Saet-byul from the convenience store and from Dae-hyun's side. What she is not aware of is the fact that Dae-hyun has something huge planned for Saet-byul. He has planned a proposal event for Saet-byul right after dinner and that is where he presents her again with the red tulips and this time, he tells her that he does know of the significance behind red tulips. He tells her that he knows the meaning behind the flowers and confesses his feelings for Saet-byul. 

He tells Saet-byul that it was after meeting her that he had learned what it means to fall in love with someone over time. From the first time, he met her when she was a high school student until now he tells her that all of the moments had him fall for her. He still doesn't know that Saet-byul is the girl he had saved when the two were young. Saet-byul has been waiting for Dae-hyun's confession all this while and it looks like she may say yes, but only in the next episode.

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