'Backstreet Rookie' Episode 13: Saet-byul's sister gets harassed by bullies but Dae-hyun helps her get past it

'Backstreet Rookie' Episode 13 sees Saet-byul work out a solution to the obstacle that stands in her sister Eun-byul's way with Dae-hyun's help

                            'Backstreet Rookie' Episode 13: Saet-byul's sister gets harassed by bullies but Dae-hyun helps her get past it
Dae-hyun and Saet-byul (SBS)

'Backstreet Rookie' Episode 13 proves how even exaggeration can be used tastefully. Be it the scene where Dae-hyun (Ji Chang-wook) and Saet-byul (Kim Yoo-jung) finally get a moment to themselves that is romantic only to be interrupted at the opportune moment or when Saet-byul fights more bullies, the show uses exaggerated visual effects to accentuate the scenes. It works because the show is otherwise a simple rom-com. The plotline follows that of two people who work at a convenience store and fall in love after living through different milestones and life events. In this particular episode, Saet-byul watches Yeon-joo return to Dae-hyun and tell him that she wants things to go back to normal. She even hugs him and all of this frustrates Saet-byul.

Then Eun-byul's life is splattered all over the internet as news about her being a bully is leaked by the group of girls who had blackmailed her. After the group sees Saet-byul talk to cops, they misunderstand that she is snitching on them and as revenge, they release just parts of videos and pictures that put both Saet-byul and Eun-byul in a bad light. Their lives go through a dark phase as Eun-byul is also sent away from the dorm and probably from her band too after they learn of all the lies that she had said since she was chosen to train with a talent agency.

However, Saet-byul decides not to run away this time and faces her problems alone. She beats up the bullies and gets the phone in which all the videos and pictures are stored and she hands it over to a journalist who releases all the facts and even includes an interview of actor Kang Ji-wook to add credibility to the story. While the generally negative impression on the sisters might decrease and eventually disappear, not everyone trusted Saet-byul. It was only Dae-hyun and his mother who continued to trust her and even support her.

After she sorts through all the problems, Saet-byul arrives at the convenience store to give news to Dae-hyun, and she thanks him too. She also tells him to leave the store to her while he begins working at the head office. He hadn't responded to the head office's offer to work as the representative of all franchise owners until he consults with Saet-byul, and now that she has also given him an A-okay, Dae-hyun is headed to become an executive and to his ex-girlfriend.

The upcoming episode will center on if Yeon-joo will manage to patch things up with Dae-hyun or if he will remain steadfast about the break-up.

'Backstreet Rookie' originally airs on SBS on Fridays and Saturdays at 10 pm KST.

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