'Back to Life' Episode 3 preview: Miri's life full of uncertainty after the attack at work and her mother’s affair with her ex

'Back to Life' Episode 3 preview: Miri's life full of uncertainty after the attack at work and her mother’s affair with her ex

In episode 2 of Showtime’s ‘Back to Life’, we saw Miri Matteson (Daisy Haggard) struggle with her new job and her relations with her ex-boyfriend and her ex-best friend after an 18-year prison stretch. Every time things seemed to shine for her, something would come in the way. 

When the fish and chips store started getting customers, she got a brick thrown at her. When she found comfort in her neighbor’s caretaker Billy (Adeel Akhtar), he started talking about a crime from the past -- the one Miri served a sentence for. It would seem like Miri cannot catch a break. So what can we expect from the next episode of ‘Back to Life’?

For starters, it is worth asking if she would manage to keep her job. While her boss Nathan (Liam Williams) looks like an affable and cheerful person, and while he gave Miri a chance despite her record and reputation in the town, would he be willing to extend that still?


After all, when the stranger threw a brick at Miri and injured her, he also managed to break the shop’s glass. Nathan may be forgiving and a believer in second chances, but at what stage does financial loss factor into this attitude?

There is also the question of Miri’s ex, Dom (Jamie Michie). While Miri curtly told him she wanted nothing to do with him and that she was trying to move on, she doesn’t know something crucial -- the fact that her mom Caroline (Geraldine James) has been having a secret affair with Dom.

Despite her discretion, affairs tend to come out. One can only imagine the trauma that would put the Matteson family under. How is Miri supposed to deal with the fact that her mother and her ex-boyfriend are bumping uglies? And how would Miri’s father Oscar (Richard Durden), an aged man, take this news? 

Then there is Miri’s former best friend Mandy (Christine Bottomley), who she no longer wants to talk to. While Mandy displayed tenacity in wanting to be friends again, Miri’s refusal to acknowledge her might push her too far. Mandy, in the show, has been portrayed to be somewhat on the edge. Trying to mend ways with Miri could end up hurting her.


And what about Billy? Billy has an obvious crush on her. But will that change if and when he finds out Miri is an ex-convict? Would he like Miri any longer if he finds out that the old story of the murder he had heard -- the one he was telling Miri about -- features none other than Miri herself?

Back to Life’ deals with these complex relationships and experiences in a sardonic manner. But it doesn’t change the fact that they are still uneasy to witness, let alone experience. As Miri continues to struggle with entering the real world for the first time in almost two decades, things will hopefully get better.

‘Back to Life’ airs every Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on Showtime.


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