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'The Bachelorette': Is Zac C not the one for Tayshia Adams? Fans concerned about the 'secrets' he's hiding

'I thought it was just me!! He just seems like he’s not being honest with her. Like he’s hiding something,' a fan commented
Zac C and Tayshia Adams (ABC)
Zac C and Tayshia Adams (ABC)

Zac C may seem like the one for Tayshia Adams but fans have their doubts. Although, over these past few weeks, he has bared it all, shared every secret of his with the love of his life — from cheating to marriage, addiction, stealing and arrest charges, still, viewers have raised concerns that he may be keeping his true self from Tayshia. Some have said that it could be his "controlling" nature that he seems to be hiding from his girl. 

"Brendon is her best match but bc he is holding back, I think she ends with Zac. I feel like Zac is hiding something. Doesn’t feel right. Hidden anger, possessive," a fan pointed out on the show's official Facebook page, while another echoed: "Exactly..controlling abusive type."

"I thought it was just me!! He just seems like he’s not being honest with her. Like he’s hiding something!!!" a user wondered, while another posted: "agree, even the family acted like there was something secret there." "yeah I noticed. It will come out sooner or later. I’ve been skeptical of him throughout the season," a user wrote.  

This comes after Zac and Tayshia experience a fulfilling hometowns day with his parents. They were straight forward and asking some interesting questions to Tayshia to assess if she was really into Zac, which was fair given the fact that they have seen struggle with a string of issues in the past. But the best bit is, he has moved on and is looking forward to building a future with Tayshia. 

Before Zac sort of cemented his position in Tayshia's heart, there were a handful of suitors who were vying for her attention in every way possible. In that respect, Zac can be called sort of an underdog, who stayed hidden in the crowd and shied away from expressing himself fully, but is now very much in the race to the finish line. Ever since he shared every tiny detail about his past with Tayshia, she seemed taken.

His honesty and ability to be open with her were possibly two of many things that made her say that she was falling in love with her. Catch 'The Bachelorette' finale on December 22 on ABC at 8/7c. For more information, check your local listings.