In a recap of the Bachelorette, Becca Kufrin is in shock as one of her suitors is sent to intensive care after falling off his bed

In a recap of the Bachelorette, Becca Kufrin is in shock as one of her suitors is sent to intensive care after falling off his bed

                            In a recap of the Bachelorette, Becca Kufrin is in shock as one of her suitors is sent to intensive care after falling off his bed
Becca Kufrin (Source: Getty Images)

In a recap of the reality TV show 'The Bachelorette', one of Becca Kufrin's suitors was raced to the intensive care unit on a stretcher on Monday's episode as the other contestants feared that he may pass away. 

In the latest episode of Becca Kufrin's season on 'The Bachelorette', a frightening incident occurred which landed 25-year-old David Ravitz in hospital. The young bachelor was carried out on a stretcher all covered in blood by paramedics in the middle of the night. His arms were crossed and his head was enclosed and tied to the stretcher. 

Fellow contestant 26-year-old Lincoln Adim could be heard saying, "Please do not die" and called the incident "one of the scariest things I've ever seen. There was blood everywhere. None of us know if he was going to make it."

Another contestant, football pro-Colton Underwood, also 26, recalls waking up to the horrific sound of screaming and seeing venture capitalist David "laying there on the ground straight as a f***ing board," before adding, "As they were putting him on the stretcher I was like, "This dude looked like he just got attacked by a bear." 

Initially, no one in the house was sure of what exactly was going on and what had happened. This led to some suspicion arising and finger pointing at the house bad boy, 25-year-old Jordan Kimball, after the fight he and David had earlier that night. Jordan had even warned earlier, "I would be worried if I was him. Karma is karma. People that go against me just end up hurt sometimes."

When the host of the show, Chris Harrison, reported that matter and incident to the bachelorette herself, he shared a very different story of what had actually happened. Harrison shared that David had fallen out of the top of a bunk bed. In a phone call to Becca, David revealed, "I'm so used to sleeping on a king size bed, roll over and boom! Hit the floor." 

Becca responded to him jokingly, "You'll just look like a badass the next time I see you — we'll make up a good story." Later on that night, Jordan was seen putting a barrier around David's bunk bed and then went on to joke that his nemesis who wore a chicken costume to first meet Becca said, "Chickens can't fly and I think we learned that last night. I feel bad for the guy but karma is karma."

The feud between the two men started when David was super annoyed that Jordan had previously interrupted his personal alone time with Becca by turning up in nothing but his underwear. David even tried to get revenge on Jordan by telling Becca how Jordan was bragging about having around 4000 Tinder matches and a 100% success rate on the dating app. 

When Becca teased Jordan about his boasting, he turned to David and snapped, "that's a bitch move. You're a bitch. You are the skeleton of a man, David." When the two men were arguing, the other men tried to ignore their verbal war but resorted to laughter after Jordan said, "You think I'm a joke — I'm a Wilhelmina model."

Jordan continued, "It's something some people consider the top. Attached to me is my professionality. It's my face. It's in everything I do — it's the way I walk and it's the way I talk, OK? So if you want to try to wreck my image you'll never succeed. You wanna know why? Because my image is me."

In comments which he made to the camera, Jordan warned, "I talk to God all the time and God knows, if Jordan's got a problem with someone — 86 them. You put out that much bad energy something's bound to happen." 

This season of the Bachelorette seems to be a rather dangerous one and David's injury was not the only cause of concern. 30-year-old Professional football player Clay Harbor broke his wrist on a group date while playing football which was just ironical. Harbor admitted, "I got hurt playing football on The Bachelorette — it's pretty funny." 

He was also taken to the ER and arrived with a sling on his arm towards the end of the group date. The athlete, however, had impressed Becca and also won the group date rose. Becca shared that Clay always "makes me feel like a princess". Harbor did not receive very good news the next day when further tests showed that he would need an operation soon if he were to continue his football career. This forced him into taking a heartbreaking decision to quit the show for health reasons. 

He told Becca, "My job is playing football and it really helps me take care of some people who are really important to me, my family. It's something I have to get fixed. Trust me I want to stay and see where this goes because I could see us having something great. But I know what I have to do. I regret it already, trust me." 

In his comments to the camera, he said, "There was a chance I could have been the guy standing at the end with her, and that's something I'm always gonna wonder about. I 100 percent think I could have fallen in love with Becca. But being a man is making hard choices and tough decisions." Becca was in tears as he walked away but he did what had to be done.