Major injury, explosive secret bring chaos to Bachelorette Becca's dream of finding a soulmate

Major injury, explosive secret bring chaos to Bachelorette Becca's dream of finding a soulmate
Becca Kufrin (Source : Getty Images)

Becca Kufrin is looking to recover after last week's drama as she takes six gentlemen on a spa date where they unexpectedly must offer the services to some of the Bachelorette’s close friends from the most recent season of 'The Bachelor'. 

Chris gets the only one-on-one date as he joins Becca at the iconic Capitol Records studios where Grammy-winning artist Richard Marx not only sings to the couple but also gives them the task of writing heartfelt lyrics about each other. When he asks them to write their own sincere lyrics, Chris gets writer’s block. With Becca’s help, Chris becomes inspired and Marx creates a song with both of their lyrics. 

One bachelor suffered a serious injury in a fluke accident overnight, leaving the rest of the men shaken. However, 10 men must motivate themselves to confront each other on the football field. Legends Football League superstars Malissa Miles and Dina Karwoski run the guys through drills until Becca reveals that they will play a football game rooted on by raucous fans. The injured suitor will need to make a decision that will impact not only Becca but the rest of the house, on 'The Bachelorette'. 

Popular former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson and Chris Harrison follow the action as the winner of the fierce contest will walk away with the MVP (Most Valuable Partner) Award. 

Later, a few of the guys make great strides in deepening their connections with the Bachelorette, but a surprise return by one of the bachelors throws cold water on the men’s confidence.

The show Bachelorette has become very popular and many people speculate about who could be the one to win over Becca's heart. Celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel have been predicting who could possibly win the show. He even issued his predictions for Becca.

As reported by People, "This is a big event at our house. Watching The Bachelorette with my wife is like waking up and finding out you’re married to a soccer hooligan. She watches it with fists curled up in a ball," Kimmel shared. 


"Every season at the beginning of the show, I pick which contestant I believe will go the distance,” he continued. “Really, my wife picks them, but I take credit for it. We’re good at this. We’ve picked five of the last six winners on The Bachelor and four of the past six on The Bachelorette. It’s why they call me Rosetradamus," he continued. 

"Ryan, banjo player. Seems like a nice guy, has dimples — Ryan will make it to the hometown visits. David — even though David dressed as a chicken, he seems like one of the only guys you don’t have to worry might drop a pill in your wine glass. David will be in the final four. And then Blake. Blake seems super cheesy and who could imagine being married to a man named Blake, but Becca said they get each other. He may be the guy she goes back to after she dumps the guy she picks. And that man will be … Garrett," he added. 

"Becca said ‘I can see Garrett fitting in with my friends and family,’ which means she already sees a future with him. I think Ryan and Garrett will be the top two, and in the end, Becca will go with Garrett — until she finds out about all the terrible stuff he posted online. Then they will break up. But until then, it will be Becca and Garrett and may God have mercy on us all," he pointed out.


Only time will tell who will win over Becca's heart! 

Take a look at all of Becca's 18 suitors below: 

Blake, 28, a sales representative from Bailey, Colorado

Chris, 30, a sales trainer from Orlando, Florida

Christon, 31, a former Harlem Globetrotter from Los Angeles, California

Clay, 30, a professional football player from Chicago, Illinois

Colton, 26, a former professional football player from Denver, Colorado

Connor, 25, a fitness coach from St. Petersburg, Florida

David, 25, a venture capitalist/chicken from Denver, Colorado

Garrett, 29, a medical sales representative from Reno, Nevada

Jason, 29, a senior corporate banker from Buffalo, New York

Jean “Jean Blanc,” 31, a colognoisseur from Pensacola, Florida

John, 28, a software engineer from San Francisco, California

Jordan, 26, a male model from Crystal River, Florida

Leo, 31, a stuntman from Studio City, California

Lincoln, 26, an account sales executive from Los Angeles, California


Mike, 27, a sports analyst from Cincinnati, Ohio

Nick, 27, an attorney from Orlando, Florida

Ryan, 26, a banjoist from Manhattan Beach, California

Wills, 29, a graphic designer from Los Angeles, California

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