'Bachelor In Paradise' season 6: Blake in a pickle after Caelynn reveals he hooked up with her and Kristina on the same day

Bachelor in Paradise kicked off with its season premiere on Monday night, and we can't wait to see what drama goes down in Mexico.

                            'Bachelor In Paradise' season 6: Blake in a pickle after Caelynn reveals he hooked up with her and Kristina on the same day

The wait is over and its time for paradise... 

Bachelor in Paradise season 6 kicked off with its season premiere on Monday night, and we can't wait to see what drama goes down in Mexico. The season started off with tears, love, and revelations. 


The first introduction was of Tayshia Adams with her father telling her to wear on a turtle neck to the beach, as sarcastic as he was trying to be, his daughter is surely going to show up wearing a two-piece at the beach. 

In the words of John Paul Jones, "Shakka Bro". (ABC/John Fleenor)

Blake Horstmann's introduction is nothing to write about. Seeing him crying into the towel the night he got dumped by Becca Krufin is not something any of us were looking forward to. Then came Katie Morton's intro followed by Cameron Ayala whose intro is also of him rapping (Didn't he get the memo? Everyone is over it). Among all the introductions we came across this episode, the best was Demi Burnett's. Burnett is seen talking to Hannah Brown where she reveals that she is gender fluid and she had a fling with a woman (Queer Queen FTW). But now, she says it's time for her to find herself. 

With the introduction of the contestants over, Chris Harrison wasted no time in revealing that the BIP journey has officially begun. 

Time to hit the beach

"Who will find the love of their life? Who will leave heartbroken and in tears? Let the journey begin!" Chris Harrison stated. The first contestant to enter the beach was Hannah Godwin from Colton Underwood's season of 'The Bachelor', followed by Horstmann who seriously like a budget Chris Evans minus the charm.  While Horstmann and Hannah were seen bonding, Katie staged her entry. Boy, we're loving her vibes and her romper! Next up was lovestruck Dylan Barbour and we know he's got a thing for Hannah. Kevin Fortenberry from Hannah's season was also seen and he seems to be double buff this time around (While he is proud of it, he really needs to know how to strike up a conversation and not just imply that Katie's booty looks good in her romper).

Time to hit the beach (ABC/John Fleenor)

Demi seemed quite eager to get into the game as she sets her eyes on Derek, it doesn't hurt that he too is eyeing her. Looks like we can expect something steamy here. Onyeka Ehie's entrance was just like her, loud, disturbing and boring if you ask me.  Derek's douchebag meter, however, lit up, as Cam entered the beach and let's just say he needs a new stylist, and if he doesn't have one, it's high time he does. Wearing a leopard print shirt to the beach? Wrong choice, Cam. 

While the girls call him a 'Cheetah Girl', he starts questioning them, if they are wearing leans and how fake are their boobs? He is being nothing but weird by asking Tayshia about having kids (Major red flags). But then comes the eye candy. As Harrison said, "If paradise is made for anyone it was for John Paul Jones" or should I say Jaun Pablo Jones. JPJ in his speedo and blonde hair was giving me Baywatch/Tarzan vibes as he ran to the beach (While I love JPJ, he could really stop with the hair flip, it's starting to get annoying). 

Caelynn is here and is so the drama 

Caelynn Miller Keyes's entry had drama written all over it and that's exactly what we needed. While all the girls on the island were flaunting themselves and drooling over Horstmann, Miller dished some dirt on him. Miller revealed that the duo had a thing together and hooked up during stagecoach. Two weeks later he told her that barely 24 hours before they hooked up, he was with Kristina Schulman from Nick Viall's season of 'The Bachelor'. The second Horstmann sees Miller entering, he ran and hid like a scared puppy, and now we know why. 

Caelynn is here and so is the drama (ABC/John Fleenor)

The first date and Blake blew it out of proportion

The men had the upper hand this week and the first date card of the night went to  Blake Horstmann, and while Miller is still hung up over him, the other women were clearly excited. Everyone thought he would take Hannah for the date since they bonded a lot, but he had other plans. While everyone got Hannah excited for her date with Hortsmann, he chose Tayshia.  Hannah is obviously disappointed, but Dylan, on the other hand, is a happy hippy soul, since his line is clear. While Horstmann and Tayshia get mushy and have an intense makeout session in the hot tub, Miller is out looking for Horstmann like a zombie. 

Meanwhile, Dylan and Hannah get bonding which obviously ends in an intense makeout session (After all, it is Bachelor in Paradise, what would it be without soft porn and drama?). Next Demi and Derek head to the hot tub and that was one steamy session they have (pun intended). Demi is definitely not holding back. 

Smitten and shocked

The next day, Tayshia is seen smitten as ever (Oh girl! only if you knew). Miller, on the other hand, opens up to Oneyka. This is one good choice, as Onyeka is now out for him.

It is interesting how Bachelor in Paradise strikes when least expected; so while Tayshia was gushing about her date with Horstmann, someone least expected made an entry. And that is none other than Kristina herself, which sent Horstmann into a state of shock(Obviously, two girls he hooked up with, one girl who he ditched and one who is gushing over him, he is surely the life of the party. Not!!!).

Kristina chooses to go on a date with Blake. (ABC/John Fleenor)

Kristina has her ammo prepared beforehand. She has a date card and gets to choose who she wants to go out with. While Cam tries his best to impress her, Kristina has other plans. She is here to stir things up and make Horstmann her "bi**h" and nothing can stop her. She chooses to go on a date with Horstmann and poor Miller just can't seem to catch a break.

Kristina's entry sure made for an exciting end to the show. Bachelor in Paradise will return on Tuesday night for episode 2. Check your local listings for more information. 

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