'Bachelor in Paradise' season 6, episode 7: Tahzjuan has a dramatic meltdown but is the heat to blame or are the producers?

Could we blame the heat for Tahzjuan's delusional behavior on Bachelor in Paradise or did the producers have something to do with it?

                            'Bachelor in Paradise' season 6, episode 7: Tahzjuan has a dramatic meltdown but is the heat to blame or are the producers?

Over the past five seasons of 'Bachelor in Paradise', we have seen ample breakdowns take place while the contestants go on their quest for true love, but no one has had a massive dramatic breakdown as quickly and as weird as Tahzjuan Hawkins. And her meltdown wasn't just subjected to her annoying high-pitched wailing every time John Paul Jones spoke or even breathed the same air as Haley Ferguson. She somewhat literally did have a meltdown not just emotionally, but physically too and we have the high temperatures to blame for that. 

For those who don't know who Tahzjuan is, she was in Colton Underwood's season of 'The Bachelor' for "two seconds" as she put it. But now, she's happy to have gotten a chance at finding love again. 'Bachelor in Paradise' season 6 returned on Monday night for its seventh episode, and let's just say we came across a new comical love triangle. 

Tahzjuan has a dramatic meltdown in BIP. (ABC/Craig)

A brand new day, and a brand new entry, or should we say a whiny one. If you thought Cameron Ayala was an annoying human, you would be happy to know, paradise has found him his perfect pair and that is none other than Tahzjuan who made her entrance on Monday night. Now though Cameron wasn't there, not like she cared about him anyway, she had eyes only for JPJ. She was perspiring from the second she entered paradise after she traveled on four flights to get there yet she went on a date with JPJ. It was absolutely funny seeing them as a couple, cause no matter how many intellectual moments JPJ has, his goofy ones are the best.  Throughout the date, the couple had fun, bickering and laughing about their names and how you're not supposed to eat the date food. But the next day, after Haley entered was when sh** started to go down. It almost seemed as if something was really off with Tahzjuan like she was having panic attacks. Haley also had her eyes set on JPJ and asked him out on a date. It was one of the most boring dates we've seen on paradise this season, but the two hit it off. And Tahzjuan didn't like that. 

She acted very arrogantly and wailed by the beach. It looked like she was having a panic attack from the start maybe because of the heat. It resulted in her calling for the doctor only for it to be revealed she was dehydrated. There are many reasons we can feel sad for what she was going through, cause it was a little relatable, but at the same time, it seemed too over the top. More like the producers planted her on the series for the drama because not many even knew she existed prior to this season of paradise. But that doesn't mean she can be excused for being rude to Haley. 

Could we blame the heat for her delusional behavior or was it the producers? Because she met JPJ barely a day ago and is already flailing her arms around about him not falling for her. It was best that her time in paradise was cut short after JPJ gave his rose to Haley.  Maybe now, Tahzjuan and Cameron can get in touch and hit it, cause, to be honest, I don't think there's another pair that would be as perfect as this duo of crying babies, who think that by choking their partner without space would make them fall in love or that by standing by the beach and wailing would make things better. 

In other news, we also got to know that Underwood is not a good kisser, and the contestants from his season revealed he was their worst. But, that's Cassie Randolph's issue to deal with now. 

'Bachelor in Paradise' season 6 airs every Monday and Tuesday night on ABC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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