'Bachelor in Paradise' season 6: Blake's in personal hell as Kristina is all out to make him her 'bi***'

Kristina has already revealed during the premiere that she's here to make Blake her 'bi**h' and it is no doubt she is sticking to her words.

                            'Bachelor in Paradise' season 6: Blake's in personal hell as Kristina is all out to make him her 'bi***'

'Bachelor in Paradise' season 6 returned with a brand new episode on Monday night, and it is safe to say that all hell broke loose. 

This week's episode picked up from the cliffhanger of an ending of last week - the fist-fight between Jordan Kimball and Christian over something as simple as a pinata. Which resulted in both Jordan and Christian being sent out of paradise due to the series's zero-tolerance to violence policy. 

On Monday night's episode, we also finally got to see who Hannah Godwin picked to pursue a relationship with. And to be honest, we're all happy that the drama has come to an end. There's no doubt that Hannah is no babe in the woods, but we're glad she at least made a good choice and gave her rose to Dylan and decided to pursue him over Blake Horstmann. 

Blake who was quite confident prior to the rose ceremony was left heartbroken and stunned after Hannah gave her rose to Dylan. And to everyone's surprise, Blake too end up receiving a rose - not from Hannah but from Kristina. 

Kristina and Blake were together for a year and hooked up a few times, once during stagecoach, barely 24 hours before he hooked up with Caelynn Miller Keyes.  

After Blake hooked up with almost every woman on paradise, none of the women were in favor of him, and it was shocking to see Kristina give her rose to him. 

But as we know, Kristina doesn't do anything without a plan, and we should have guessed that by now, as she revealed to the camera that she gave Blake the rose because she wants him to be in his own personal hell seeing Hannah and Dylan together.

"By accepting my rose, he has to stay in his own personal hell," Kristina told the camera, hinting that it would make him go crazy seeing Hannah and Dylan's relationship blossom. And sure enough Blake did suffer and his eyes lingered every moment they saw Hannah and Dylan together, especially after she went on a date with Dylan the next night. 

Kristina already revealed during the premiere, that she's here to make Blake her "bi**h" and it is no doubt she is sticking to her words. There is no point wondering why she is playing Blake like this as it is clearl that she's here for revenge. He played her and hooked up with Caelynn the next day, and above that went over to Alabama and met Hannah a week before paradise. 

Kristina is all out to make Blake her "bit**" (John Fleenor)

Kristina was very much hurt entering paradise, and it makes perfect sense why she wants Blake to get a taste of his own medicine. On Tuesday night's preview, Kristina tries to get mushy with Blake even though he's with Caitlin. The preview shows the duo cuddling and hanging out. 

Could this be another plan of Kristina's? Make Blake fall for her and leave him stranded in the end? We might never know, as she did seem pretty firm when she said she will make him her "bit**".  Whatever it might be, Blake better watch his back! 

'Bachelor in Paradise' airs every Monday and Tuesday night on NBC. Check your local listings for more information.

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