'Bachelor in Paradise' season 6: Nicole is the queen of the beach and Demi Burnett opens up about her sexuality

Plus we also got to know that the sweet little Hannah Godwin we knew back in 'The Bachelor' season 23 is not so sweet anymore

                            'Bachelor in Paradise' season 6: Nicole is the queen of the beach and Demi Burnett opens up about her sexuality

'Bachelor in Paradise' season six is on an epic roll with wave after wave of drama soaking up the shore. 

In Monday's episode, we saw two familiar faces, Mike Johnson and Jordan Kimball, make their Paradise entrance and definitely shake things more. Plus we also got to know that the sweet little Hannah Godwin we knew back in 'The Bachelor' season 23 is not so sweet anymore.

Dean and his mustache arrive in paradise 

Dean is back in paradise, and this time he brought his mustache along for the ride. He has his sights set on Caelynn Miller Keyes, and since she is very much over the Blake Horstmann show, she agrees to go on a date with him. 

Caelynn's decision leaves Mike Johnson who took her out on a date on Monday night blindsided, and of course, how can we forget Cameron Ayala, the big cry baby who's now wallowing in self-pity for not finding a woman to get married to.

Chris Harrison teases that Bachelor in Paradise will be a dramatic one. (ABC/John Fleenor)

Dean and Caelynn head out on their date, and he reveals that he regrets the way he behaved the last time he was in Paradise with Kristina. They have fun on their date, and it ends with a steamy make-out session in the pool. Despite him being homeless and living in a van, Caelynn is melting for Dean. Mike, unlike Cameron, decides its time to move on and starts to pursue Sydney. 

Demi Burnett and her sexuality

The moment we've all been waiting for has finally arrived after a lot of teasing. Demi Burnett opened up about her sexuality to Derek. Though Burnett shared the news that she is gender fluid with Hannah Brown during the season premiere, no one else in Paradise knew about it. In today's episode, prior to discussing it with Derek, she opens up to Katie and Tayshia revealing there's a part of her no one knows about, and now that Derek is questioning their relationship, she feels it's time she brings it up.

Demi Burnett opens up about her sexuality to Derek. (ABC/John Fleenor)

She shares that she has been casually seeing someone back home who is a woman. Adding that she doesn't know what she wants and is here to find that out, Burnett opens up that as much as she is into the mystery woman back home, she still feels like she can find herself falling for Derek and wants to pursue him too. 

During the cocktail party, prior to the rose ceremony, Burnett finally tells all to Derek. He feels happy she felt comfortable enough to open up to him, and he is ready to take things slow between them and see where things go. 

Hannah Godwin's secret is out

Monday's episode ended with Dylan feeling like a clown because Hannah Godwin was just stringing him along. But in Tuesday's episode, Dylan was not taking silence for an answer and it was about time Hannah opened up. He questions her if she and Blake were romantic anyway prior to Paradise and if that's the reason they have been acting extremely close and connected.

Finally, she opens her mouth and talks, but in a very soft tone. Hannah reveals that Blake flew down to Alabama, a week prior to Paradise to meet up with her to have a conversation and they "kissed". This explains why the couple had that bond throughout. 

Hannah Godwin isn't as sweet as she claims to be. (ABC/John Fleenor)

This behavior of Hannah not only hurts Dylan but Tayshia Adams as well, because Hannah didn't tell her anything when Blake asked Adams out on a date. However, sweet innocent Hannah feels like is attacked when she didn't do anything wrong.

Nicole finds herself in a muddle

Apart from Dean, we had an extra new face in today's episode — none other than Christian from Becca Krufin's season of 'The Bachelorette'. He clearly has the girls sweating for his hot bod and charm. However, he has his sights on Nicole and Clay doesn't like that, and neither does Jordon because of their past tiff during the 'Men Tell All' episode of 'The Bachelorette'. 

He takes Nicole on a date, and she falls hard for his Cuban charm. Back from their date, Clay takes Nicole aside to spend time with her, but Christian is not having any of it, as he goes and tries to steal her. Clay maintains his cool and doesn't give up. In the end, Nicole speaks up and reveals she wants to spend time with Clay.

Nicole finds herself in between a fight. (ABC/John Fleenor)

Fast forward to the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, Christian sets up a pinata along with a plate of chocolate-covered strawberries for Nicole. Clay interrupts them to steal Nicole. This time, Christian plays the game now and refuses to send her. Not wanting to create drama or make Nicole uncomfortable, Clay moves back. But Jordan isn't having any of it. 

He sneaks up to Nicole and Christian and tries to steal the pinata, which turns into a fight between the duo. Caught in between the fight Nicole doesn't know what to do, while the others rush up to see what's happening. 

Next week's promo reveals that the fight will take a major turn, which will have security come into the scene. 'Bachelor in Paradise' season six airs every Monday and Tuesday night. Check your local listings for more information.

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