'Bachelor in Paradise': Little Hannah Godwin isn't as sweet as we think she is

Throughout the entire episode, most of the drama on Monday night revolved around Hannah Godwin and the love triangle that she created

                            'Bachelor in Paradise': Little Hannah Godwin isn't as sweet as we think she is

'Bachelor in Paradise' season 6 returned on Monday night, and two familiar faces were added to the gang. 

Picking right where it left off last week, the drama continued with the first rose ceremony of the season. This week the guys had the power in them to hand out the roses and at the end, three women were sent home. Jane, Bibi, and Annaliese were eliminated. 

Back to week 2 in paradise, two familiar faces, haughty know it all Jordan Kimball and fan-favorite Mike Johnson giving love another chance. Though the series kicked off with the continuation of Blake drama, Kimball left no time in stealing the show after he asked Hannah Godwin and Nicole out for a date, despite knowing the two were seeing other guys. 

Though Hannah said no, in the end, Nicole agreed in a heartbeat, leaving Clay hurt. After Mike Johnson entered, he took Onyeka and Caelynn Miller Keyes aside to talk and ended up taking Caelynn on a date, which left Cameron Ayala heartbroken and turned into a massive cry baby. Prior to Johnson's entrance, Ayala even penned down a poem to Caelynn that should never be heard again, which might be considered creepy on many levels. 

Hannah Godwin loses one and gains one. (ABC/John Fleenor)

But throughout the entire episode, most of the drama on Monday night revolved around Hannah Godwin and the love triangle that she created, which has now given her the name as the villain and the player this season. 

Ever since last week, Hannah Godwin has passed through quite a few love interests, starting from Blake Horstmann. She and Horstmann bonded after arriving in paradise, and after he went on a date with Tayshia Adams, she moved on to Dylan. Dylan is a smitten kitten and already revealed he was here for Hannah only. 

Even though she knew that later on she went out with Wills, and made out with him. But, toward the end, she told him that she wants to give her and Dylan a try, just to run back into Blake's arms the second he tells her he wishes to pursue her next week. 

Back in tonight's episode, she spent the entire time with Dylan and even turned down a date with Jordan. But even though the other contestants warned Hannah not to focus on Blake and just be with Dylan since he is head over heels with her, she didn't take heed to it. 

Toward the end of the day, Blake goes and steals Hannah from Dylan, and in a so claimed attempt to teach her to dance on the beach (without music), the couple ends up making out with each other in plain sight right in front of Dylan.

Hannah Godwin isn't as sweet as she looks. (Instagram) 

It was more or less like Blake had planned this thoroughly, and Hannah didn't give two damns about Dylan's feelings. This just makes most viewers including us speculate and assume, if Hannah is the female counterpart of Blake and the player this season. Undoubtedly, the rest of the gang call her a "freaking player" for hurting Dylan's feelings. 

Even though Dylan walks up to Blake and Hannah during their intimate and intense make-out session to steal Hannah to ask her who does she want to be with, Blake claimed Dylan is smothering her and refused to budge.

While Hannah stood there twirling her hair like an innocent kid who let her dog run away and pretend like she doesn't know anything. 

She didn't even bother to give either one of the guys an answer or stand up for Dylan. Hurt massively, Dylan walks back revealing he looks like a clown and doesn't know what to do. 

Hannah surely has all rights to keep her options open, as it is Bachelor in Paradise after all, but her behavior toward Dylan who has been nothing but loving, affectionate, understanding and tolerating with her was clearly uncalled for. 

It seems like Hannah is taking Dylan's affection toward her as an advantage, knowing if it doesn't work out with Blake or any other guy in paradise, she can fall back on him like an option. 


What we would all like to see in the next episode is Dylan, realizing he shouldn't be spending time with someone like her and moving on from Hannah, and showing her that she isn't his priority any longer. Even though he is smitten for her, and has come to paradise just for her, if she doesn't care about him, he shouldn't be wasting his time. 

After what went down with Hannah on Monday night if you think she isn't innocent, Tomorrow's (Tuesday night) preview teased that she definitely isn't as innocent as she seems to be. Blake reveals he flew down and met Hannah just one week before paradise could start. 

While Dylan questions her what's happening, she goes into a major shock mode. Could this be the end of it? Did Blake really go down to meet Hannah, if he did, why is she pulling Dylan along for the ride? 

The sweet little Hannah we knew during 'The Bachelor' season 23 is definitely not sweet anymore. 

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