'Bachelor in Paradise': Hannah Godwin ditches Dylan for Blake in an instant while Mike and Jordan cause some serious damage and steal hearts

Picking up where the series left off, this week the power of handing out roses went to the men, and three girls were sent home

                            'Bachelor in Paradise': Hannah Godwin ditches Dylan for Blake in an instant while Mike and Jordan cause some serious damage and steal hearts

'Bachelor in Paradise' season six is back after a week and today's episode was high on drama! 

Picking up where the series left off, Blake continues to be openly hated while the girls in Paradise wait hoping they get a rose from one of the guys. Reflecting that this is the biggest group that Paradise has ever had, the rose ceremony began. 

This week the power of handing out roses went to the men, and three girls were sent home. Derek gave his rose to Demi Burnett, Clay handed his to Nicole, Wills gave one to Katie, Kevin Fortenberry to Sydney, John Paul Jones to Onyeka, Cameron Ayala to Caelynn, Dylan to Hannah Godwin, Blake Horstmann to Tayshia Adams, and finally, Chris gave one to Kristina, which left Annaliese in shock as she expected Chris to give it to her.

The mayor of Paradise is here

Thsi week, the guys had the power of handing out the roses to the women. (ABC/John Fleenor)


The haughty, know-it-all Jordan Kimball is back and let's just say he has his eyes on the women who are already taken. Jordan is not a new face in 'Bachelor in Paradise'. He appeared last season and got engaged to Jenna Cooper. But after Jenna had an alleged affair, they broke up and now he is back for a new chance at love. It's clear he isn't just going for the looks and is focussing on the bone-depth package. Jordan gets a date card, and he uses it to ask Hannah Godwin out on a date even though he knows that she and Dylan were almost a couple.

Though Hannah agrees to go on the date first, she later turns him down saying she doesn't want an extra person in the love triangle she already has herself stuck in. Jordan gets his massive ego bruised and blames it all on Blake. Looking for his next bait to take on a date, Jordan asks Nicole. And again... he went for her even though he knows Nicole is with Clay. However, she agrees to go with him, and they go ziplining. Though Clay is hurt he masks it up by joking about the two going on a date. 

After the date, Nicole gets back to Clay and states that he is no comparison to Jordan. Well, looks like Jordan has to search for new bait.

Mike Johnson is back to steal hearts

Mike Johnson is back to steal hearts (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

While Cameron Ayala reads out the most boring poems on the planet to Caelynn, Mike Johnson arrives at Paradise. For all those losing hopes on Mike becoming the next bachelor, don't worry we all know that Colton Underwood and Nick Viall came to Paradise before becoming 'The Bachelor'.

Mike shows up and the dudes are sweating, cause they know that they are no match for hunk Mike. Mike has a date card with him and takes Onyeka and Caelynn to have a talk before he makes a decision. While he's talking, Cameron becomes a big cry baby talking about how badly he wants to get married. 

Mike ends up taking Caelynn on the date, and Cameron starts to wallow in self-pity and cry like a giant baby continuing to talk about how he wants to get engaged and have a family. Sealing their date with a kiss after Mike reveals he's looking for the right one, it looks like Cameron is old news now and he's not going to like it. 

Hannah is a player

Last week, we saw Hannah Godwin spend most of her time with Dylan after he revealed that he came to Paradise just for her. However, Wills butted in and even though Hannah did make out with him, in the end, she shared that she needs to see where she can take things with Dylan. 

While we all assumed that Hannah will be with Dylan henceforth, we were all shocked when she agreed to pursue things with Blake as well. Hannah is a hot model and there's no blaming her in wanting to keep her options open. But Dylan is smitten and it's a sad scene to see her not give two damns about him. Although Blake went on a date with Tayshia, he revealed that he will go all out to pursue Hannah and not let any guy, even Dylan, come between him and Hannah. 

Could Hannah be the player this season? (ABC/John Fleenor)

After spending the entire day with Dylan, the second Blake calls her, she leaves. Claiming to dance with her (without music), Blake pulls Hannah to the beach right in front of Dylan and starts making out with her in plain sight. Dylan is clearly hurt as he walks up to Blake and Hannah and tries to take her away from him as he cannot stand the sight of her making out with anyone else.

Blake doesn't let go and claims Dylan is smothering her, while Hannah just stands there not saying anything while the two fight it out. In the end, Dylan walks away hurt while Hannah continues to spend time with Blake. 

We'll have to see what happens next when the episode airs tomorrow. 'Bachelor in Paradise' season six airs every Monday and Tuesday night on ABC. Check your local listings for more information.

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