'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 6, Episode 11: Kristina's mission to make Blake her b***h looks accomplished

Did Kristina really try to create a bond with Blake and be more than just friends? And, for Blake, it is just karma biting back...

                            'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 6, Episode 11: Kristina's mission to make Blake her b***h looks accomplished

The Blake Horstmann drama we assumed had ended rose from the ashes once again when 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 6 returned on September 9.  

After handing out friendship roses to each other, last week we saw Blake get a sudden realization that the one he has been looking for has been right in front of him and that was none other than Kristina Schulman. We all know about Blake and his stagecoach drama and how Kristina and he had a head start prior to their appearance in paradise. 

But one thing that fans didn't buy was Blake's sudden realization of feelings for Kristina. As for her, from the day she entered paradise, Kristina revealed she is all out to make blake her b***h and looks like the mission is accomplished. 

On September 9, when BIP returned, we saw Blake try hard as he could to make Kristina realize he is serious about his feelings for her. He gushed about how he sees her in his future as his wife and the mother of his kids. And to make up for all that he put her through, he creates a date card for her and asks her out on a date to fight for her love and to prove his. 

While he decorated the treehouse with candles, rose petals and tried to snuggle up against her with champagne and snacks right near, what he didn't expect was a heartbreak. Clearly cringing every time Blake tries to touch her or move close to her, Kristina decides it's time to break the news to him. 

Kristina and Blake left paradise after she revealed she can't get to where he is. (John Fleenor/ABC)

Kristina tells Blake that she can't get to where he is. "It would have been very misleading of me to continue with these dates," Kristina continues. "I'm sorry. Like, I really did not want to upset you. I really think I was being as open as I could be." Kristina then goes on to tell Blake that she doesn't intend on staying in paradise any longer and walks out. 

Blake, on the other hand, is crushed beyond repair to have this happen to him once again, after every girl he had an interest in told thank you next, and moved away - through Becca Kufrin, Hannah Godwin, and now Kristina. 

But did Kristina really try to create a bond with Blake and be more than just friends? Or was she telling the truth when she revealed that she kept giving him friendship roses so he would find love? 

To be honest, though those words we heard sounded true, it is clear that Kristina was all out to get Blake. If she was really under the intention of helping him find love, she wouldn't have forced him to give her his rose instead of Caitlin. Because, Blake clearly had a shot with her, until Kristina popped up with her friendship rose. Though she tried to make it seem like the days of wanting to make Blake her bitch was long gone, and she tried to turn him down as gently as she could, it looked like she found peace within herself to see him shatter to pieces like someone ripped off his heart and threw it to the dogs. 

After Kristina left, Blake didn't stay in paradise any longer either, he couldn't even gather himself to bid adieu to his fellow beach mates, and left paradise bawling his eyes out. He did happen to realize that all this is karma biting him back for everything he did to Caelynn Miller Keyes and Kristina. 

Blake leaves paradise heartbroken after Kristina turned him down. (John Fleenor/ABC)

But as for Kristina, it seems like she finally accomplished what she came to paradise for, to shatter Blake and make him her bitch. And in return, she ended up getting a lovely vacation out of this and made a few good friends too. Kristina's mission didn't go unnoticed by fans either who claimed that she did what she came to paradise for. 

"So Kristina accomplished her mission of fucking with Blake got a whole ass vacation with some friends got tv time and probs got a decent check too she’s probs like #BachelorInParadise," wrote a fan on Twitter. 

Adding to that, another fan said, "What if Kristina kept Blake around long enough for him to want her back, only to leave him heartbroken the way he hurt her? Crazy theory, but a perfectly executed long con if it’s accurate. She did say from the beginning she was gonna make him her bitch... #BachelorinParadise." 

"In the end, Kristina did exactly what she said she came to paradise to do: make Blake her bitch #bachelorinparadise," wrote another fan. 

'Bachelor in Paradise' season 6 airs every Monday and Tuesday only on ABC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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