'Bachelor in Paradise': Derek tries to pry Tayshia away from JPJ just days after crying his eyes out over losing Demi

Season 6 of 'Bachelor in Paradise' has been as dramatic as you'd expect and the latest teaser shows Derek flirting with Tayshia before the two end up making out

                            'Bachelor in Paradise': Derek tries to pry Tayshia away from JPJ just days after crying his eyes out over losing Demi

'Bachelor in Paradise' season 6 recently premiered and, just three weeks down the line, the series already has us hooked to the drama. While last week ended with Derek Peth bawling his eyes over Demi Burnett, this week's promo teases that he gets over it pretty soon. 

Calling season 6 of 'Bachelor in Paradise' dramatic is an understatement because the drama and controversies we have witnessed over the past six episodes was off the charts.

Let's start with Blake Horstmann's messed up relationship with almost every woman in paradise. He hooked up with Kristina Schulman, Caelynn Miller Keyes, and Hannah Godwin prior to his appearance on paradise, and his bonding with Tayshia Adams. 

We also saw Jordan Kimball and Christian Estrada have a beach brawl over nothing but a pinata. It got so bad that the security had to be called, and the duo were sent off the island immediately. To add to the drama we witnessed this season, we also saw the first bisexual couple on the series. 


Demi Burnett opened up about her sexual fluidity during the premiere episode. Wanting to figure out what she wants, Demi pursued Derek Peth and the chemistry between the duo reached deadly levels during their first night in paradise.

After their first night in paradise, the duo were established as a couple and spent a lot of time together. While all this time Derek grew closer for Demi and fell in love with her, Demi, on the other hand, couldn't get her mind off mystery woman Kristian Haggerty. 

Even after she opened up about her feelings for Kristian to Derek, he was confident that she would pick him. That was until Kristian showed up in paradise.

After Kristian arrived in paradise, Demi broke things off with Derek, which left him in fits of tears. 

Bawling his eyes out, we saw Derek share how he just wants someone to love him, and how he feels like an option. This emotional outburst from Derek caused fans to root for him to be the next bachelor over Mike Johnson. While fans and viewers felt sad for Derek, it looks like he moved on before one could say 'pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis'. 

Demi's confused and Derek supports her. (ABC/John Fleenor)

Monday night's preview teases that there's trouble in John Paul Jones' paradise, and the cause of it is none other than Derek.

It is no doubt, that JPJ is head over heels in love with Tayshia Adams, and the two really hit it off last week after he recited a poem for her. 

But Monday night's preview showcases JPJ breaking down in front of Blake while speaking up about it being so hard for him. The teaser then goes on to reveal Derek flirting with Tayshia and the two end up making out. And by the looks of how fast Derek was ready to sweep Tayshia off her feet, seems like he is over Demi sooner than we expected.

The teaser also reveals that both JPJ and Derek get into a heated argument about lying which leaves Tayshia crying. 

Wasn't Derek just bawling his eyes out over Demi last week? And now he steals Tayshia away from JPJ? Despite all this, there are fans who are still rooting for Derek to be the next bachelor. 

'Bachelor in Paradise' season 6 airs every Monday and Tuesday night on ABC. Check your local listings for more information.

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