'Bachelor in Paradise' season 6 sees Katie sabotage her own relationship and Demi's mystery woman Kristian arrive in Paradise

Tuesday night's episode of the reality TV series sees Demi and Derek's relationship take a whole new turn after Kristian arrives in Paradise

                            'Bachelor in Paradise' season 6 sees Katie sabotage her own relationship and Demi's mystery woman Kristian arrive in Paradise

Tuesday night's episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise' season six was quite an emotional one, with a lot of crying happening. 

On Monday night's episode, we saw the once steady couple — Demi Burnett and Derek face a breakdown in their relationship after Demi opened up about her conflicted feelings for someone back home. However, despite Demi's mixed feelings, Derek shares that he still wants to pursue their relationship. On Tuesday night, we see their relationship take a new turn as we see Demi talking to Chris Harrison. 

Kristina is all out for Blake's rose

Kristina is all out to stay in the game thanks to Blake (John Fleenor)


Meanwhile, Kristina had her claws out and was ready to go to any extent to get Blake's rose. Not for the right reasons though, because she just wants to stay longer in the competition and find love with someone else who enters Paradise in the coming weeks. 

Though Kristina gave her rose to Blake this week, she cannot expect the same from him. With Caitlin in the scene now, she is banking on a rose from Blake. After getting a little triggered up by Caelynn Miller Keyes, Caitlin confronts Kristina for seeking out friendship roses and trying to sabotage relationships. Kristina was earlier seen getting cozy to Blake who she clearly wants to see get miserable. However, Kristina does not take this lying down and was ready to blow up any minute but kept herself in control due to the zero-tolerance to violence policy. 

Katie sabotages her own relationship with Chris 

Jen Saviano from Nick Viall's season of 'The Bachelor' walks into Paradise this week, and though she gets rejected by Blake and Dean, she manages to score a date with Chris who was pursuing Katie prior to Jen's entry. 

Katie and Chris had recently hit it off. When Jen entered the scene, Katie told Chris that it's okay for him to keep his options open and go out on dates, whereas Chris wanted her to tell him just the opposite. Hence, despite having strong feelings for Katie, Chris agrees to go on a date with Jen. 

Katie sabotages her relationship with Chris (John Fleenor)

After seeing them leave for the date, Katie realized that she actually wants Chris to pursue a relationship with her alone. The realization came too late, hence she does what she does best and bawls her eyes out, complaining about how she sabotaged herself. Chris, meanwhile, was still conflicted about his relationship with Katie and was seeing if he could find clarity with Jen.

Though the first part of their date didn't go as well as planned, they head back to Paradise. Chris assumes that Katie doesn't like him enough and gets cozy with Jen to invest more time with her.

Demi's mystery woman shows up

After weeks of waiting in anticipation, we finally see Kristian arrive in paradise. After she tells Chris Harrison about how she is finding it hard to pursue Derek when she has someone else on her mind, 'BIP' brings in Kristian to give Demi a chance at finding true love. This is the first time the reality TV show has a bisexual couple in Paradise.

Demi runs into her arms shocked and emotional. She opens up about how she was pursuing a relationship with Derek, both emotionally and physically, and how through it all, the only person on her mind was Kristian. Though Kristian is happy that Demi wants her, she is upset and hurt that she had pursued a relationship with Derek.


Demi then informs Derek about Kristian's arrival. Derek is clearly emotional and feels like he is never enough for anyone, but is genuinely happy for Demi. After Demi introduces Kristian to the rest of the gang, everyone seems very supportive of her and the couple gets a date card. 

During the date, the two confess their love for each other. We can't wait to see where this relationship goes in Paradise. 

'Bachelor in Paradise' airs every Monday and Tuesday on ABC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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