‘Bachelor in Paradise’ couple Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski say 'sarcasm' is what keeps their relationship going

Katie Morton and her fiancé, Chris Bukowski give an update on their relationship as they reveal the thing that helps keep the spark alive between them.

                            ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ couple Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski say 'sarcasm' is what keeps their relationship going
Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski (Source : Getty Images)

'Bachelor in Paradise' couple Katie Morton and her fiancé Chris Bukowski are living the best life as they are enjoying each other's company. Speaking exclusively to MEA WorldWide, the pair spilled the tea about their relationship and how they ensure that there is always a spark between them. 

When asked what kept their relationship going, Morton stated that it was Bukowski's sarcasm that she loved about him. However, there have been times when she wishes he didn't use it with her. "There are a lot of things," Katie giggled. "But if I have to choose something today then I would say that he is really sarcastic which is sometimes my favorite thing and my least favorite thing." 

She further added, "It can be both. Sometimes when we are vibing and he is sarcastic it is so funny and sometimes,  when you are not in the mood and your significant other is being sarcastic it doesn't go well." 

Bukowski also laughed at this comment as he added, "My favorite thing about Katie is that she understands my sarcasm. There is also a lot of mystery in our relationship and we are learning everything and it is really cool and that is my favorite thing about each other and I think that is really exciting."

At the same time, Bukowski stated that he felt extremely comfortable when he was with Katie and that was something he always cherished in their relationship. Katie also shed light on how the pair handles break up rumors. 

Being in the limelight as made both of them a victim of rumors but the pair often ignores the comments that are not true. "I don't get insecure because of the outside stuff," Katie said.  "Outside stuff doesn't affect our relationship or other people's relationship is not affecting ours. We have our own thing to look into so we sort of put blinders on whenever there is noise. Katie is going to be next seen in a movie called 'The Prom', and she plays the role of a dancer. 

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